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As the post holiday lull begins to set in, stores start to overflow with pink hearts, chocolate goodies, and gorgeous roses. This atmosphere of love either extends the lull for those that are unhappy that they are single or reverse the lull for those that are happily in a relationship. Regardless of which category you are in, this Valentines Day I invite you to be yours! Be your own Valentine, buy yourself roses, treat yourself to Godiva, and love and honor yourself.

I suggest doing this, not because “you don’t need a man” but because you deserve love and occasional pampering no matter what. If YOU don’t acknowledge your worth and love …why would any man?

Plus if you aren’t used to being treated like a queen this is a great way to get some practice. When a man sees a woman taking care of herself and treating herself well, you send the message that you are worth it and that you are confident in who you are, and nothing is more attractive than a woman with high self esteem (that is different then being cocky).

This suggestion also absolutely goes for women who are in a relationship. Just because you have a man doesn’t mean you should love yourself less. Have fun on this special day and treat yourself. Get a massage, wear a new dress, treat yourself to a nice lunch.

Last year was the first time I myself did this. My husband was out of town on Valentines Day. Although we celebrated the weekend prior, I still felt like something was missing on the actual day. So on my lunch break I went over to a specialty chocolate store and bought myself a heart shape box of chocolates, ALL for myself. I also picked out a beautiful card. I came home made myself my favorite dinner and watched my favorite movie while enjoying a glass of wine and the chocolates. I felt so special and loved, by me. It was really refreshing to give myself that kind of attention. It was actually one of my most memorable Valentine’s Days.

This year Valentines Day plans are already made with my husband, but I am still deciding what to do for myself. Maybe a new pair of shoes and some Cold Stone ice cream…the possibilities are endless!

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