Mr. Right Might Just Be A Click Away


I am always surprised when a single woman who is looking to meet Mr. Right has negative things to say about finding men online. I personally think dating websites are the easiest way to find potential men. When I was single I loved that I could sit in bed in my pajamas and look through profiles with out having to even put on make up. I found going through profiles was much more efficient then meeting men in bars and slowly learning about them. And the truth is a man can lie to you face to face or online…so really it’s a gamble either way. The real trick is that if you are going to use a dating website and give it a fair chance, you have to play full out…

That means:
1. Pay to join a dating website
2. Post a good and recent picture of yourself
3. Spend time writing a thoughtful profile
4. Take the information from a man’s profile with the same grain of salt as you would had you met the guy at a friends party
5. Reach out to men you are interested in, don’t just sit around and wait to be contacted
6. Be safe and smart, don’t give out too much personal info
7. Treat others the way you would want to be treated – karma is huge when it comes to online dating.

Patricia Leavy, PhD, an expert in gender-based studies, met her husband online and passes on her tips to meet Mr. Right in her byline article, Top 4 Tips To Meeting Mr. Right Online. One of her most interesting tips says to “overlook the unimportant stuff and focus on the big picture. Once you’ve developed your short list and you’re starting to date make sure to keep some perspective. It’s easy to get distracted by the small-stuff, like an odd eating habit or strange laugh, but these things are trivial. Focus on what really matters. Ask yourself the following: Does he seem like a good person? Does he strike you as genuine? Are you authentic when you are with him? Do you have good conversation? Can you envision having fun together? How do you feel when you’re with him? What does he bring out in you?”

According to the 2012 Guide to Dating: Everything You Need To Know, online was ranked number three in a list of best places to meet a date, just below at work/school or through a friend. In addition 40% of all single Americans use online dating services. So the next time you swear off dating websites, think again, Mr. Right might just be a click away.

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