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Spring is here! The sweaters are tucked away and sexy dresses make their debut as we strut our stuff down the avenues of New York City hoping to catch the eye of an attractive passerby. When warm weather becomes a consistent pattern in Manhattan it seems like everyone comes out of hiding and prepares for what could be the ultimate summer of love. But the question remains: where can we go to find exactly what we are looking for?

Well, I have the answers!

We are all are looking for something different in a potential mate. Some of us look for someone with an artistic vibe while others look for someone who resembles a model out of an Abercrombie catalog. But with so many paces to go in NYC it’s hard to know where to go to meet the type of person you are looking for.

I have done some research and with the help of I have created a list of what I think are the best places to go to meet specific types.

For the crazy kids who love to party:

127 4th Ave, New York, NY
Located in the East Village, Forum is a crazy, loud, booze flowing party place with high energy. It attracts a younger crowd that is ready to party any night of the week. With a 50-foot bar you are guaranteed to get a drink and make a new friend.

419 W 13th St, New York, NY
Located behind two unmarked doors, APT has maintained its party-place reputation in the Meatpacking District. Its romantic décor and vibe offers goers the potential to dine, drink, and dance. Its outdoor terrace is constantly crowded creating close quarters making it impossible not bump into someone.

158 Ludlow St, New York, NY
A personal favorite of yours truly, Pianos offers a lounge vibe with a bodacious party crowd. Rock and Roll lives in the Lower East Side with live bands, their fans, and endless drinks. The indie-chic environment Pianos offers covers the entire basis in terms of style and pizzazz.

Art and Music Lovers:

Cake Shop
152 Ludlow St, New York, NY
Located in the LES its small interior has big options. Perfect for music junkies you can browse through decades of music whilst enjoying cakes or cookies with a cutie. If a cocktail is more your style instead of coffee you can head downstairs to the lounge and listen to live music or the tunes coming from the jukebox.

174 Orchard Street
Happy Hour every day, music every night; how can you go wrong? This downtown lounge creates a great vibe for all music generation lovers covering genres one can only imagine. Artwork from local artist covers the walls drawing in art and music lovers alike THE SKINnY’s simple drinks and eclectic atmosphere are perfect for all artsy types.

85 E 4th St
If you artistic taste stems more towards word art, then KGB Bar is the perfect place for you. Home to many local writers you can enjoy a drink and some good literary listening. Known for cheap drinks that are consistently strong you also have the opportunity to meet that person with whom you can bond over the works of Charles Dickens or engage in a critique of the local poets.

Boy seeks Boy and Girl seeks Girl:

Rubyfruit Bar & Grill
531 Hudson St.
This is where you go to meet the person sitting next to you. It’s a place that draws a diverse crowd of all ages by offering friendly service and a comfy environment. With 2 bars, one upstairs and one downstairs you can choose if you want to get cozy and eat treats around a fireplace or sip cocktails and rub elbows instead. Come for food and drinks; and stay for love.

160 8th Ave
With delicious food and dudes this is a great hangout for the men. In the heart of Chelsea, it has been a hotspot for locals, tourist, and celebrities for the past 15 years. During the day Viceroy offers meals that will tantalize your taste buds, whilst at night it transforms into the ultimate location to bring a group of friends, relax, and drink. Happy Hour crawls with local Chelsea singles looking for a good time and a potential love connection.

643 Broadway
Saturday and Sundays are the days to make your way downtown to this hotspot. Enjoy dancing, drinking, and their signature mr. BLACK Smash cocktail – that is sure to perk up your mood. With a clientele ranging from 22 to 35 and older it’s a fun crowd looking to kick back, let loose to music of all genres, and meet all types people.

Money Hungry Madness:

The Rose Bar
2 Lexington Avenue
A permanent fixture in Ian’s Schrager’s glamorously designed Gramercy Park Hotel, this venue’s posh style draws an array of people that seems to be mismatched but somehow meshes well. The high-end bar attracts the cream of the crop including wealthy locals, important hoteliers, and celebrities. It offers twists on the modern day cocktail, and even has its own potent concoction called the Bohemian Sidecar. Reservations are mandatory after 10:00pm.

505 West St
Cuban inspired interiors offer New Yorkers the warm and tropical feel of Havana. Vibrant colors cover the walls as celebrities, models, and other exclusive guests sip cocktails in this whimsical Cuban dreamland. Beer is not an option but it offers an array of cocktails and luscious, Cuban-a inspired meals.

Gold Bar
389 Broome Street
The name says it all. You are overwhelmed by a glittery spectacle of shimmer and shine everywhere inside this miraculous golden palace. This is a great place to go and meet those who are as glamorous as the design while enjoying succulent finger food and classy cocktails. And don’t let the hundreds of human skulls decorating the lounge scare you off – it could actually be a great conversation starter.

Sit Back and Relax Types:

Angels & Kings
500 East 11th St
For fans of Fall Out Boy, this place is right up your ally. This laid-back lounge opened by Pete Wentz offers a variety of musical sounds and intriguing artwork along the walls such as the mug shots of many famous faces. On the weekend themed parties and events offer a fun and creative atmospheres for the types that like to get a little crazy in a chill kind of way.

Village Vanguard
178 7th Avenue S.
Said to be the most famous jazz joint in the world, Village Vanguard offers a place to sit and take in the wondrous sounds of the well-known jazz legends and local artist looking to move your soul. Very low-key and intimate you can sit below the “new man/new woman” mural said to be the best seat in the house. Make sure you purchase tickets to attend great shows and recordings and potentially meet your match at one of the Villages weekend shows.

Spring Lounge
48 Spring Street
If you want to sit back and drink a pint of your favorite beer then you need to make your way to Spring Street. With an “old neighborhood pub” atmosphere it is a great place to kick of the heels that you hate to wear anyway and laugh at the stories of the week with friends and locals. A very friendly and inviting environment it makes for a great location to strike up a conversation about the game playing on the television or the story on the front page of The Post.

The Mature and Magnificent

Blue Ribbon
97 Sullivan Street
This is where the good-looking crowd gathers at the bar to make small talk in a lively, stylish environment. A place for someone with a more sophisticated palate the food will tease your senses and fill your tummy. After dinner sit and drink the many varieties of beers and liquors while engaging in conversation with those around you. A place to eat, – drink,- and mingle with the best of the best.

Hudson Bar
356 West 56th St
A place for the design junkie Hudson Bars invigorating environment draws a crowd of those with taste and class. Original cocktails in flavors such as lemongrass and cardamom garnished with edible flowers are found in the hands of guests discussing the interior design and beauty of the venue. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself gaining enough courage to go and talk to the hottie standing at the bar – the striking design and excellent music give you the power to get what you want!

503 Columbus Avenue
For the person who enjoys the classics, this is the place for you. Very liberal montages of people fill the booths to listen to live music or discuss current events. Great for a first date or just to hang out with a group of friends you can choose to make your way to the front of the bar for easy listening or head to the backroom for a little quiet time. Its classic speakeasy style is guaranteed to intrigue both you and your date and give you something to talk about over your favorite liquid treats.

If bars, restaurants, and clubs just really aren’t your scene you can always check out these places:

Bryant Park
Make your way there on a Saturday afternoon if you are looking to meet a more low-key, relaxed type.

Borders or Barnes & Nobles
If the more eclectic and intelligent type is your deal then grab a good book and an espresso and hang out in the café.

Financial District
Coffee carts and newsstands during the week are swarming with business people. Park yourself on a bench near the stock exchange and make small talk about current events with the cutie sitting next to you.

Central Park
For someone who loves adventure and the out doors this is where you need to be on the weekend. Its running season so almost every weekend there is some sort of race happening in the park. You can also just sprawl out on the grass with a book, or go on a jog to show off you athleticism and possibly find a new jogging partner.

Times Square
If you are looking just to have some fun and meet someone for a night then hang out in the tourist areas. Hey, we’ve all thought about it and for some of us the idea of meeting someone and having a 24-hour whirlwind romance is the way to go. Visit the local shops, cafes, and attractions that most tourist frequent; we all know that this is the time of year they swarm to our beautiful city looking for excitement.

Manhattan is the city of opportunity. If you have a goal in mind there is nothing stopping you from reaching it as long has you have the motivation. There are over a million people living in the wonderful area, and think, one of them could be your soul mate. You have the chance to meet new people everyday. You just need to know where to look, and now that you do all I have left to say is happy hunting!

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