The Man Every Woman Loves to Hate
(and vice versa, of course)


I would like to introduce you to someone. BeautyNews readers: meet Tucker Max, Tucker Max meet BeautyNews. Let me tell you a little bit about Tucker, the self-made celebrity, Duke Law School graduate and New York Times best selling author.

And I must not forget, the biggest womanizing jerk on the face of the planet.

Yep, that’s Tucker Max.

So I have never actually met the guy but after reading his New York Time’s best seller I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, I feel like I have known him for years. Nothing can describe him better than the man that all women love to hate, especially after reading his off-the-wall, hard to believe stories of drinking, women, and sexual escapades. But his style of writing is high energy excitement and a guaranteed laugh fest for anyone brave enough to read it cover to cover. Some of the stories get graphic so it’s not for those weak of stomach.

While it’s truth was highly offensive, it still was one of the funniest books I have every read, hands down. I have already pushed about a dozen of my friends to jump onto the Tucker Max band wagon. I became so engrossed in this book that when I was reading it on the subway I was laughing so loud I had two people come over and ask what I was reading. I only had two words for them: Tucker Max.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get an interview with the storyteller. After all, with his busy schedule of drinking and having sex with multiple women who has time to talk to the press? Just kidding Tucker (if you ever read this article) I know you are a busy man.

My realization of why I loved this book came with a realization of a larger issue: it is inevitable that most women will (at least once) fall for a bad boy.

Picture this: You are out with friends, a good-looking guys catches your attention and starts a conversation with you. He immediately starts making wise cracks and acting obscenely arrogant and obnoxious. He is slowly making you feel like you’re an inch tall and for some reason you are oddly attracted to him. You wont be satisfied until you have his undivided attention and have made sure he’s yours. Doesn’t sound too off the mark does it?

But, why do we subject ourselves to this torture? My diagnosis is simple: we want what we can’t have. But what we have to know about particular breed of womanizer is that his course is easily identifiable and completely stereotypical. He has got you from the get go and then wants to make sure he has you 100 percent roped in before he makes his final move. Now you have him, (or so you think), he has you and a whirlwind romance is about to start, right? Wrong! In reality, the story ends with him successfully charming you, taking you home for a passionate night and then falling off the face of the earth.

I am sure we have all encountered a man like this at some point. Maybe that is the style of relationship you like to go for, but if not, here are a few clues on how to spot and avoid the man everyone loves to hate.

The typical jerk will:
– Initiate conversation without hesitation and usually open with a very forward line
– Stand much closer to you than any other person even though he just met you
– Consistently use complimentary but crass words to describe you like, “hot” and “sexy”
– Not look you in the eye while you speak to him, he usually looks elsewhere
– Will act inappropriate and say things to upset you
– Will suddenly not pay much attention to you then return to the conversation
– Keep making innuendos about spending the night together
– Pour out the cheesy lines when he doesn’t even know you

These few key indicators should be enough to get you to wake up and realize what you are dealing with and get out before you’re roped into a devious plan. But, I will go on the record to say that women are not the only victims in the situation.


We all know we can be just as conniving as men. We posses the same strange gene that makes us flirt, flip our hair and giggle beyond belief to make men think they have a chance with us. As soon as he blinks we snatch it all away and leave him standing in the dust wondering what happened. Crazy as that may be, we seem to gain some sort of empowerment knowing that we’ve trumped a man. Chelsea Handler is one woman guilty of this behavior and tells about it in her book called My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands. Another excellent read that will keep you laughing and also emphasize that not all women are angels.

Surely, the conclusion I came to after these reads is that both men and women are victims in the crazy game of “lets find a lover.” Therefore, we must be aware of all signs and symptoms that point to “jerk” or “tease,” in order to avoid getting hurt. While we all want to have a little fun and let loose, we should always have our greater interests at heart. If those include having as many encounters with partners whose relationship potential is non-existent, by all means, have the time of your life. But here at BeautyNews, we realize that not many of us wish that kind of behavior to last long, at least not for ourselves or our friends. That’s why we wanted to let you know a little about Tucker and Chelsea so you could understand that there are people out there making light of the “sexual binds” we put ourselves in when we know that things have only one direction to go in.

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