What is a Soul Mate? Does True Love Exist?


These fundamental questions defy simple answers. So much of the love discourse in our culture seems to be immersed in mythology and fantasy inciting us to have unrealistic demands and tormenting us until we find an only equation: perfect love.

In quest of answers to these questions, I attended a recent panel discussion about love at The Meta Center hosted by Celebrity Psychic Thomas John “Making Love: Finding Your True Soul Mate From The Inside Out. Thomas John is an internationally regarded psychic known for the accuracy of his detailed readings. The panel also included Dr. Diana Kirschner, Love Expert, Media Psychologist and Author of “Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love,” New York City Dating Coach John Keegan; Life Coach and Best-Selling Self-Help Author Karen Salmansohn; and Kim Allen, “The Love Psychic.” WABC Radio Host Laura Smith served as moderator for the evening.

The main question discussed during the evening was “Is there such a thing as a soul mate? And if it exists, do we have just one or several?” This was examined in depth during the evening and the experts’ answers providedclues to this perennial mystery.

According to medium Thomas John, it’s important to understand the past, the present and the future (including the afterlife) when searching for love. We come into this world with contracts that are written before we enter into this dimension. You are here to learn from everyone. Your soul mate connection will be felt when you first meet.

Diana Kirschner believes that we have more than one soul mate. Don’t despair if you think you blew your opportunity with one — there are many. When meeting a potential soul mate, ask yourself; is this person crazy about me? Is this person willing to grow? Is there an amazing connection, a feeling that you have known them for a long time? Chemistry and best friend connection determine your soul mate connection.

Karen Salsamsohn likes to mix modern psychology with the wisdom of Aristotle. There are three kinds of relationships according to Aristotle: relationships of pleasure, (ego- body relationships), relationships of utility for status and money, and relationships of shared virtue. The latter is the soul mate relationship, one of soul-to-soul nurturing, getting at your core and stimulating your soul to grow to its highest potential. This is what happens to Jack Nicholson when he tells Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets; “You make me want to be a better man.” A good relationship must be both a den for pleasure and a laboratory for growth. She thinks that you can definitely have more than one soul mate.

John Keegan talked about synchronicity and said that when the right one comes, events unfold as they should happen. Love is a notion of timing. Kim Allen, the love psychic, believes the soul is immortal and that we have a multitude of soul connections. She distinguishes between date mates, love mates and soul mates. Date-mates are ruled by Mars, the Ego Sun energy, Love mates are ruled Mars and Mercury, the Ego Moon energy, soul mates are ruled by the planet Saturn, the hard worker taskmaster. Your soul mate is here to teach you something. People who bring lessons are often not pleasant. They are mirrors of you, vehicles for change. Sometimes the lessons can be unpleasant.

Is true love possible? Yes, according to Thomas John. He spoke of the Michelangelo phenomenon, which is when you release a figure out of rock. True love is when you help each other to become better. A willingness to grow is key in a loving relationship.

Diana Kirschner talked about having a love coach to help her husband and herself navigate through their successful marriage. According to Karen Salsamsohn, it is not fighting that ruins a relationship, but rather it is the inability to reconcile in a nice way and put in the repair, working from a place of heart and soul. She also thinks it is important to be the change you want to see in someone else. According to Kim Allen, people jump into relationships too quickly. They lack respect for one another and have agendas. It takes time to build respect and to build a good relationship. Don’t rush into things. Make a soul connection and nurture it, don’t jump into bed.

According to Celebrity Psychic Thomas John, timing and chemistry are important keys to the love equation; however, being more intuitive and psychically aware can help enhance your love life. Pay attention to first impressions. Your initial reactions to people and things usually turn out to be right. First impressions can be created or impacted by very small things and can suggest if a person is genetically inclined to be trustworthy, kind or compassionate. Learn to be more intuitive by learning to guess little things every day such as who is on the phone when it rings, which team will win a basketball game. Always be aware of what you want, make your vision and goals crystal clear and go to places where you might find the person you seek.

The panel was very helpful for understanding the dynamics at play in the search for love. Using intuition but also self-knowledge, self-control and patience, as well as learning to communicate better, were all seen as keys to building long-lasting ties. There are different sorts of connections and love is often a school of painful learning. If you have met and lost your soul mate, you will have more opportunities. Learn to connect from a place of heart using your intuitive powers and let your best self grow through this connection. A session with Thomas John or one of the life coaches may also help you learn how to build a better approach when dating by fostering your better self.

More information about Thomas John can be found at http://www.mediumthomas.com

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