Happy Hour on the Harbor

After a long hard day at work, New Yorkers tend to relax by rushing to a loud local bar where it’s crowded, and tossing down a few drinks for the 2 hours that we call happy hour. You only really get to enjoy about one and a half of that because happy hour starts at 5 and who can get out of work early enough to enjoy that? So you pound down a few drinks, standing in a bar packed like sardines, barely being able to communicate with the person stuck next you. You can barely move let alone dance and enjoy yourself. Does this really sound… Happy?

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How about if you could enjoy a mini cruise right after work? It’s beautiful outside so why would you want to be trapped indoors, after being stuck in a office all day? If you’re interested and want to experience the best sunset around, I have the perfect solution. Thanks to Circle Line tours, you can now enjoy Happy Hour on the Harbor aboard the Zephyr (www.circlelinedowntown.com/specialEvents.html).

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Labeled as the “hottest after-work party in New York City”, you board at 5:30PM, and the Zephyr departs, out of the South Street Seaport, promptly at 6:30PM. You then proceed to take a tour of Manhattan, and New Jersey, while you sit back, relax and let the wind whip through your hair. There are three levels of nothing but blue skies and sun. You can either sit inside, cozy, next to a window and enjoy the view or park yourself outside and breathe in the fresh air. Just be careful, right around the time the Zephyr approaches Lady Liberty, it gets really crowded on the top level.

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The cruises run, every Thursday, between June 23rd and September 29th. Tickets are only $20 and they include light snacks on board. You can buy your tickets on-line, order them over the phone (866.9CLINE1) or buy them at the ticket booth. Just make sure that you’re 21 or over. What better way to unwind after work and enjoy the beautiful New York City skyline.

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