5 Streetwear Essentials for Daily NYC Style

With Fashion Week on the horizon, we recommend also checking out your fellow New Yorkers for fashion trends, style tips, and creative inspiration on the subway, jogger paths, in the parks, and on coffee runs. If you’re interested in rocking your own memorable street style, here are five streetwear essentials to have in your wardrobe. You can build on these pieces and ideas to forge your own unique look:

Tights with Daring Patterns
A key trend for this era of streetwear is adding several interesting layers to one outfit. A simple way for you to experiment and be more adventurous with layering the bottom half of your outfit is to sport tights with unconventional patterns. Try pairing sheer footless or full-length fishnet tights with a leather skirt or some distressed denim shorts. Then, finish the outfit with a pair of boots, brogues, or some brightly colored high-top sneakers.

Athleisure with Bold Graphics
Another street trend is comfy, versatile athleisure. Even if you’re not necessarily on your way to the gym every day, you’ll definitely exude a sporty and modern vibe with some noteworthy athleisure wear. For your next urban adventure, try wearing a varsity jacket, hoodie, or baseball tee with favorite graphics.

Paneled, Cut-and-Sew Clothing
Yet another streetwise trend that you can explore is paneled or cut-and-sew clothing. Look for shirts, jackets, or leggings with appealing color-block schemes, and then mix these up with clothes that have more straightforward prints. Have fun pairing your accessories with the colors or motifs on your cut-and-sew clothing. For example, you can put on a candy-colored watch to match candy-colored sleeves.

Utility-Inspired Fashion
If there’s something you should notice about streetwear now, it’s that it celebrates fashion-for-function. It’s pretty common to see street clothing with utilitarian or industrial-inspired vibes, such as white combat boots, military jackets, jumpsuits, parachute clothing, or bucket hats. Take your cue from clothes that work hard, and try adding any one of those items to your Fall ensemble.

Statement Footwear
Lastly, don’t hesitate to bust out some statement footwear for the days that you’ll be out on the street. If you’re going to spend time outdoors walking around the city, you might as well look good and feel great while doing so. Trek in flashy sneakers or slip-ons with metallic accents, pull on a pair of Chelsea boots, or lace up your comfiest pair of creepers.

Where street fashion is concerned, there are no hard-and-fast rules in 2021. Wear whatever you like, and enjoy ultimate freedom by expressing your own unique style.