Accessories: Swedish Clogs for Springtime

Clogs are so hot right now, even warranting a front-page New York Times article on their burgeoning popularity in Brooklyn. Cape Clogs import their clogs from Sweden, and they’re hand-crafted with high-quality leather and wood, and are available in an array of styles and colors to match Spring flowers.

The Blue Sundial Clogs are a nice balance of casual and dress-worthy for Spring styles, easily paired with jeans or something slightly more formal, especially in black. Cape Clogs welcomes new spring colors in the Sundial’s open peep toe sandal with a lovely, curved heel with an ankle square buckle strap. The leather is buttery soft and comfy, in five colors. Choose a pair from this collection at the Cape Clogs website and enjoy complimentary USPS ground shipping.

The PIA clog is also new for Spring 2019, but you can find a vast array of other styles, too.

Unique Aspects of Cape Clogs include:
– hand-made shoes, so no two clogs are alike.
– incredible comfort from Northern Europe Alder wood
– lightweight at less than three pounds with non-slip rubber soles

Step into Swedish clogs that exude personality and youthful energy with vivid signature prints. Find clogs for men, women and children. Cape Clogs has exclusive partnerships with three sixth-generation traditional clog manufacturers located in Småland, Sweden, so these are truly the real deal.

If you’re anywhere near Cape Cod this summer, be sure to stop in at the Cape Clogs outlet store in Wareham, MA in Onset Village (at 215 Onset Avenue) for great deals and seconds. Open 7 days a week, beginning Memorial Day weekend.
Happy clogging!