Accessories: Urban Update

Now that the traditional New Year’s resolutions and their expectations are slowly starting to creep away from us, it’s the perfect time to invest in a relentless revolution –updating the accessories closet with a few needed items. Here’s how:

Mezzi -Mini Cosima

I don’t know about you but it happens way too often….I’m searching out the coffee shop , not so much for coffee but more for the charge-especially during fashion week! Yes, I should have the forethought to buy an extra battery but-nope. Along comes this dream purse (pssst, they heard my prayers). Not only does the item charge your phone -3 times to be exact but it also features a light inside for those loss of keys moments and a built in speaker. Hey you may want to bring a dismal and dull party to life with a few tunes.
Exterior: Suede & Adria leather
Interior: Suede leather
Bag size: 11” x 6” x 5”
Detachable crossbody strap size: 24” x 1.5”
– 4,000 mAh Charger
– In-Bag Light
– Bluetooth Speaker
– Call & Message Notifications
Price: $325.00
Available at:

Ameribag Healthy Back Bag-TECH BAG ATLANTIC

OK, we all know those hikers, mountain climbers who spend hours, scaling Runyon Canyon or days climbing Mount Everest on their vacation. For enthusiasts who can climb practically in their backyard-i.e. my brother in Oregon. Those are the individuals that would obsess over this item. This pack has an extreme amount of compartments for survival at its best. There is literally a space for everything you could possibly need and lightweight enough not to bring you down when in motion. The amazing added feature is it wraps around your waist in addition to the traditional backpack carry function, form fitting to your back.
-Lightweight quick-drying Nylon material has a swirled embossed effect
-Separate wet gear or shoe section at the bottom
-Multi-pocketed interior
-Weather resistant
19″ x 12.5″ x 7″
Price: $85.00
Available at:

Lulu’s-Ocean Cruise Sand Grey Handbag

For the woman who has to carry it all…. I mean really, this accessory holds your whole world. This stylish purse is ideal for everyday elegance.
Purse measures 20″ wide, 13″ tall, and 5.5″ deep.
All vegan friendly, man -made materials.
Price: $38.00
Available at:

mywalit-Large Zip Wallet, Item: 329-24

As wallets go, they often have the same basic design, credit cards slots and a place for the cash but with this piece a few things stood out. Two zipper compartments for change or other items, several credit card spaces, an opening for cash and receipts and the best part…… ID compartment in the middle of the wallet for easy accessibility-this wallet covers it all. Composed of so soft, Napa prestige leather and beautiful coloring – it’s a piece that is suitable to transfer from purse to purse no matter what the occasion.
Price: $114.00
Available at:

Hudson Bali & Sunglass Warehouse

Hopefully you are going on a vacation or even a long weekend with that special someone at some point this winter to escape the dreaded snowpocalypse that perks up from time to time. When this occurrence strikes, your favorite man will need a variety of sun protection at their disposal. Each product is sleek and stylish in design and affordable enough to buy a different pair for everyday of vacation!
Price: $15.95
Available at:


Fashion is no longer black and white, rules are rare. It is now an open field of personal expression and just plain-what looks good together. The latest mix of silver and gold metals is a pleasing infusion. This particular piece embodies just that, the distinct detail of gold delicately placed with the edgy sterling silver material to create a look that has a daring design.
Price: $61.00
Available at:


Music tends to have a calming, soothing effect on the soul of each listener. No matter what genre you prefer, every melody or song sets a mood or influence for your day.
The band, which comfortably wraps around the wrist, displays a daily reminder to the wearer and others who view it that having a bad day; having a good day…you just need a moment with music.
Each unique. Comes in various colors. Hand stamped on an aluminum guitar pick that has a brushed silver finish.
Price: $35.00
Available at:

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