AmberNoon for Sun Protection (When You’re Out)

Are you in a sunny clime, or gardening to grow your own food? You need to protect yourself in the sun, too. Rays can still penetrate through your clothing, so AmberNoon is the solution for when you venture out.

Erum Ilyas, M.D.–a board certified dermatologist, Tory Burch Fellow, and mother of three is the creator of AmberNoon, a contemporary clothing line that helps defend the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. After growing frustrated by the lack of adequate sun protection for her patients, she launched this unique brand. Modern, contemporary styles render this line a joy to wear. Without sacrificing fashion for function, AmberNoon utilizes a tight-knit weave and quality textiles that have all been tested to have a UPF of 50+ and sustain this protection through 40 washes.

AmberNoon does not use additional UV chemical finishes to add sun protection to the line’s textiles. The quality of construction makes it unnecessary to add extra chemicals to the clothing thus shielding the environment as well as people. You’ll love these clothes, whether they made you safer in the sun or not.

The Saaba dress is a lightweight tunic dress that is elegant, comfortable, and appropriate for work or play. In UVweaver 100% polyester twill, you can roll tab sleeves with a thumb hole and slip your keys in the side pockets. This clothing line includes a men’s and children’s category, too.