Amour Vert has my latest Go-To Warm Weather Dress

I’m entering the “long dress phase” in my life, finally feeling mature and elegant enough to wear long flowing skirts and pointed toe shoes. The sway of the dress enticing romantic vibes into my life as my kitten heels tap along the floor. It’s a lovely dream that I am slowly crafting as my reality.

I’ve always desired that casual je ne sais quoi of the classic french girl look. It’s effortless, feminine, and easily customized for a personal touch.

classic french girl look by noelle otto via pexels
I wish I looked like this / Image by Noelle Otto via Pexels

I’m also into quality pieces that look amazing and can straddle the line between casual and event wear. Part of having a versatile wardrobe is having pieces that can serve multiple needs. You can approach this with staples like the classic white tee and jeans. Another is answering the question: how many events can I get away with wearing this to?

Wedding season is coming up and it mildly terrifies me.

While a wardrobe upgrade usually is an upfront investment, it’s a mixed bag between balancing budget and quality pieces. I have found that the pieces I loved the most were indeed pricier but were also better designed and higher quality. Fabric quality and stitching were clearly better. Designers did not take shortcuts with the pattern. They also fit my body in more flattering ways and didn’t forgo pockets.

Note that these were purchases made over the years, one or two nice investments as affordable in my budget until I could allot for more.


Amour Vert’s Washable Silks Line and the Joyce Jardin Dress

amour vert washable silk blouse

In my most recent selection for beautiful, effortless feminine chic I turned to the collection of Amour Vert.

Amour Vert is a sustainable fashion brand that offers a collection of beautiful, timeless apparel in classic patterns and all done with Eco-conscious manufacturing.

I personally was most attracted to their Washable Silks line. A notorious fabric to take care of, I’ve always loved the lightness of silk and how it fell upon the human form. Here finally is a silk option without the dry-cleaning bill.

Amour Vert’s line always contains refreshing, classic patterning. You really can’t go wrong in terms of styling.

I found that if there was a pattern you liked, but were not particularly interested in the type of apparel, you could find it in another form that fit your style better. The same pattern could be seen as a blouse, jumpsuit, skirt and various dress styles.

For me, I went with their “Jardin” patterning in the Joyce Washable Silk Dress. I prefer the button up with a collar look. It also had slightly longer sleeves and helped slim out my wide shoulders.

Amour Vert Joyce Silk French Jardin Front View
Amour Vert Joyce Silk French Jardin Front View
Amour Vert Joyce Silk French Jardin Back View
Amour Vert Joyce Silk French Jardin Back View

The dress comes with a belt for a subtle slimming look. I recommend tying it a little off center in the front. For some reason that was the most flattering look for me. Though I really do adore bows in the back of a dress.

This silk dress also came with pockets. Yes. Real ones.

Amour Vert Joyce Silk French Jardin Pocket Close-Up
Amour Vert Joyce Silk French Jardin Pocket Close-Up

Their famous Washable Silks are sourced from bluesign® factories with more traceable silk. Making natural fibers more traceable is also an issue seen in the cashmere market.

Amour Vert also uses only OEKO-TEX® dyes. This means they are globally certified to not release harsh chemicals or metals during washing. They are also not treated with formaldehyde resins which could release carcinogenic vapours into your home.

My verdict on Amour Vert’s Joyce Silk Dress

A lightweight, flattering, beautiful dress that is machine washable and has pockets and is extremely versatile? For me, it’s worth an investment.

The warm weather coming up threatens my calendar with a multitude of events. This piece can be used for family gatherings, summer rooftop brunches, casual weddings, and coffee dates.

I’m absolutely in love with my dress and am using it as a beacon for the direction I now want my wardrobe to go in.

Want the quality but need some wiggle room for budgeting in that upgrade?

Amour Vert has a marketplace called Re-Amour for pre-loved Amour Vert timeless apparel. The marketplace is a part of their dedication to sustainability and keeping these beautiful pieces out of the landfill.

Amour Vert also runs occasional promotions along with their regular sale section.


Peruse at your pleasure at

Purchase the Joyce Washable Silk Dress

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