Arm Candy, Arm Party, Bracelet Stacking: What does it all mean?


For a while now, “arm candy,” “arm parties,” and bracelet stacking have been extremely trendy. Is this fashion statement here to stay or is it finally going to fade out? You can answer that for yourself, but one thing is for sure, there are plenty of options to express your style.

What exactly are we talking about? Take for instance the third term we used, bracelet stacking. Simply choosing a couple of bracelets to wear simultaneously on your arm to create your own rendition and express your style is what is called an “arm party.” With so many options, you really can’t get this one wrong, so create something that personally fits your style.

For a pop of color, try out arm party number one here. Adding a watch always makes your creation more interesting, but so do the bracelets. Here, there’s a Rose Gold Michael Kors Watch, in style number MK-5128. Wearing the watch alone is beautiful but adding it to the arm party just highlights the rest of the bracelets. Next on this stack is a Golden Nugget Bracelet from Old Navy. With a plain red string, the warm tone matches with the watch and the rest of the stack, and the gold nuggets are the star of the show, but still subtle.

Moving down the stack a little more is this beautiful Medium Keepsake Bracelet by Jilzara. The amazing clay beads on this bracelet add a unique look to the stack. With all of the color this is a perfectly bold choice to add to this particular arm party.

Finally, we have the second most functional element of the look (second to the watch of course), this Neon Orange Hair Tie from H&M. Once again, this stack is full of color, so the neon orange element fits in perfectly. Not only this, but its there just incase you need to pull up your hair. Who doesn’t love chic functionality? Check out more H&M accessories at their stores and on their website.

If you aren’t a fan of adding a watch to the arm party, then try out the second look. Take out the watch and add in this Pastel Pyramid Bracelet from Required Flare. Here you are adding more color to an already vibrant look, and feel free to omit the watch. You can purchase Required Flare at their website.

Wishing you can be bold without the color? Try mixing metals. First on this stack is this Square Wrap Bracelet in black and white, from Jilzara. The pattern on each square on the bracelet creates enough wonderment without even overdoing it with an accent color. The style is absolutely adorable and makes a strong statement to for any look. Next on the stack is this Ettika Rondelle Crystal Bracelet from Required Flare. The gold and silver on this bracelet allow it to be pretty versatile, which is a great way to add it to any stack. The bracelet is adjustable and has a set of three fantastic crystal beads bound together by a leather strap. The tassels at the end are phenomenal and match the focal point of the bracelet with more crystals. Find out more about Jilzara at their website.

Finally on the stack is the most eye-catching of them all, this Spike Bracelet in Gold from Required Flare. Since this stack doesn’t have as much color, it is okay to go as crazy as you would like, fitting to your personal style. Feel free to choose an array of tonal bracelets or stick to your three favorites, for unbeatable style and the perfect accent to any outfit.

Bracelet stacking, arm parties and arm candy are another fun way to let everyone know what your style is. What is stopping you? Get out there and create your own. There is no limit to how many you can include. After all that’s why they call it stacking, one on top of the other.

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