Aspirational Accessories

As we are in our second month of the year, the desire to make life easier, brighter and instantly more inspiring is a definite ongoing goal. In the nature of nurturing these intentions, I’ve gathered a few tricks of the trend.

love tribe
Barbie X

The color pink itself has become a powerful symbolic push for feminism in recent months. It exudes a flavorful feel of the feminine form and ideals. Barbie herself, the legendary icon for the last several generations; has embodied the vision and vitality of what it means to be a woman. She coined confidence for girls and women of all ages exhibiting that Barbie really can do anything… and she has. The timeless logo is placed on a soft and comfortable tee. The licensed line carries a couple of Barbie’s slogans in several colors and cuts.

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Komusô Design

The Shift™
Before any 2018 action list can even begin, one must start with a calm and creative vessel. Both mind and body need to be pure in thought to be positively progressive. The shift is designed to tame thought and bring you back to a peaceful state, simply by breathing through this tiny flute. The elegant jewelry piece focuses on function and fashion simultaneously so you can always have an essential escape through this accessible accessory!
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The name of this bag says it all. Through function and form, this fashion find is ready to retreat to the nearest gym or yoga studio. Large enough to fit all your gear and a cinch to clean; simply toss it in the washer for sweat proof style.
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Goddess™ 4 Tray Train Case
I don’t know about you but controlling my cosmetics clutter sometimes seems like a full time job! In the spirit of containing my most valuable necessities, I go back to my childhood brand. The classic make up case that carried all my colorful lip smackers and glittered gloss has created a more adult friendly fix. This sturdy and stylish carrying case features several stairs of shelves, equal to the task of housing everything need for a gallant getaway!
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The Torch Coat Heater

Our friendly groundhog reminds us that winter will be long lasting and with the possibility of several snows ahead of us therefore one must be prepared. This hidden gem of an accessory is a hot new find and a northern necessity.

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