Bill Blass Sneakers: Fashion-Meets-Sustainability

These Bill Blass Sutton Leather Sneaker will be your favorite slip-on shoe this summer for a variety of excellent reasons: they’re ultra-comfortable, they transition from desk-to-dinner and from casual jeans to summer dress, they’re available in a variety of colors, they’re well-crafted with high quality leather, and their sneaker outsole is among the first to be created with d2w, which renders them sustainable for our planet.

Don’t want leather? Opt for their knit shoes created with eco-friendly yarn, which is comprised of recycled bottles. The Bill Blass knit shoes come in pink, green, and other summery colors.

When ordering the Sutton Leather Sneaker, bear in mind that some customers find these shoes will run a half size large, as was the case for me. The sneaker’s outsole of d2w accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the materials are no longer a plastic, but rather a material that can be bio-assimilated instead. Brilliant innovation!

The outsole is made of natural rubber, which does not harm the Para rubber tree and is biodegradable, waterproof, resilient, versatile and comfy. Just what you need for city sidewalks, and in all weather. The cushy insole is partially made from castor bean oil rather than toxic chemicals, and bamboo fabric extracted from bamboo pulp inside the shoe renders it breathable and as cushy as cotton. Find them at the Bill Blass website, which relaunched this year in their journey to become more sustainable.

Other sustainable efforts to care for planet Earth: their knit bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, and the brand has incorporated sustainable materials into all of their products. Even their shoes boxes are made from recycled paper that can be resealed as a return box when needed.

Read more about the fascinating Bill Blass legacy, which started full-on in the ’70s:

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