Bra Shopping 101 with Bravissimo

Bras have never been my strong suit. Too tight in my youth with the last clasp, straps tightened all the way up for 6+ hours a day… all school year long. *Shivers* Then too loose with COVID convincing me that a bra was too much work. I knew I needed the support and headed into Bravissimo, a U.K.-based bra brand located in SoHo.

Its a bra fantasyland for ladies! They have lace, mesh, satin, silk, and of course, the standard cotton offering. My fingers couldn’t help but dance through the racks as I thumbed the fabrics. I, of course, had an appointment to get my best bra fit and was paired with the lovely Ariel. Her bubbly disposition and wealth of knowledge eased my ta-ta anxieties. At Bravissimo, they’re unique: no measuring tape to be found. The staff eyeballs your girls and brings out sizes for you to try on. Once you get a good fit they work around to find you the perfect size in both US and UK sizing. The type A and type B in me swooned at this process, that felt both relaxed and personal.

She explained the various fabrics for different breast types, including one for mamas, which I found most interesting because every mom deserves to feel sexy through all stages of motherhood. Ariel told me that Americans love a nude push-up bra, which was one of the most popular styles that sold on-site. I had to admit, I was looking for that exact look but also a matching set that called to me. Spoiler: I found both!

I de-robed in the dressing room and draped a gray robe on to keep my girls snuggled as I grabbed from the racks – 10 in total. It was a real workout (luckily I grabbed a sports bra) but the real event was trying all of them on. Ariel demonstrated to wiggle my breasts into the bra and no, the nipple doesn’t have to be perfectly in the front. Or if I preferred to scoop my boob in, which made sense. I had never seen bra handling done that way, but it was so easy to do, and really fun to boot.

For the straps, she told me: No more than an inch of room when you pull the straps up. So goodbye digging into my shoulders or sliding off while I run around the city. Truly a game changer. As for the clasps, no need to make it as tight as possible; rather hook it on the loosest setting and the bra will conform to your body with more wear (think of them like shoes).

In the end I ended up with the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless in a nude close to my skin-tone. Its underwire keeps the boob sweat away, the nude color makes it ideal for sheer tops or white dresses, and the straps are ultra adaptable! Major heart eyes.

To fulfill my lacy craving, the Samba Bra made its way into my cart. Soft and dark green, it pops against my tan skin for a sultry and grown-up vibe. The ribbon detailing at the top peaks over my V-necks and low-cut dresses. Such a sexy moment that took no time at all.

To complete my looks, I grabbed some panties, a black mesh pair for my strapless bra, and the matching Samba high-waisted panties in that gorgeous green. Ariel rang me up and I giddily took my bag filled with the goods.

Before I headed off to the Village, she showed me behind-the-scenes into the vault of bras, where every color of the rainbow, style, fabric, and size existed. I desperately wanted to run around and just ruffle my hands through all the bras… but I simply admired and snapped a few pics before bidding an adieu.

Bravissimo has changed the bra game, giving women and femmes the confidence to embrace their boobies no matter the shape, size, color, or sag. My bra education raised 100 points after my appointment and I cannot shut up about the glorious world of bras. Make your appointment this summer and change your life (and ta-tas), thanks to Bravissimo!

Bravissimo in SOHO
433 W Broadway
New York, NY 10012
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