Bridal bliss on a budget


Preparing for the most monumental moment in your life has to be nothing short of unforgettable. With that in mind, every detail requires acute attention in accessorizing! How do we do this on a budget? Here are a few ideal items to get you started…

When you think of bridal, Vera Wang instantly comes to mind. The brand’s pieces are delicate, classic and an elegant addition to your overall look.

Simply Vera by Vera Wang
Bead Cluster Stretch Bracelet
Price: $26.00
To purchase please visit

A unique and sophisticated appeal and a tinge of bridal bedazzle without becoming overpowering, for the more elegant bride.

Chamilia by Swarovski
Teardrop Accent Charm-Swarovski Crystal Moonlight Earrings
To purchase please visit

The jewelry line Icing is just that, a temping trimming to a bridal look. Many bridal pieces from the collection marry the two classic elements, pearls and the diamonds. They feature key pieces that can work as the centerpiece or accent accessories that can add to or compliment a vintage family heirloom you already plan to use.

Crystal and Rhinestone Inverted Teardrop Drop Earrings

Crystal Criss Cross and Pearls Stretch Bracelet

Graduated Rhinestone Fringe V Necklace
All three items are available at

Camille La Vie

If your pursuit is the princess pose then a crown is customary. Camille La Vie features stunning jewels that are uniquely placed with precision, perfect for a royal reception!
Both crowns are featured at $89.00
To purchase please visit

Origami Owl

We can’t forget the traditional bridesmaids’ gift given to the lovely ladies that stand beside you on your happiest day! Origami Owl is a couture collection where you can chose what you put together for each individual girl. The Straight & Narrow pendent is beautifully detailed and gives a unique blessing and a reminder to always stay on the right path- a gift of grace.
To purchase please visit

If you are a bride on a budget and are looking to keep your matrimonial moment to a minimum, these items add a touch of tasteful and a bit of bridal bling!

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