Bundle Up! Coat Trends


In addition to eccentric parties and family gatherings this time of year, fashion is reason to celebrate. Specifically, coats – the piece de resistance of any Fall/Winter outfit. Coats are the final layering, like assembling a perfect hot fudge sundae that will amp up a fashionista’s look as she heads out the door.

Here are colder weather coat trends, whether short or long, you’ll want to wear as temperatures dip. Be bundled up in style:

Edgy and Feminine Military:
Designers, like Versace and Miss Sixty, boast military-inspired coats that push the envelop in eclectic design, but remain completely wearable and never costume-like. These wool coats are modernized for the confident successful women. For example, strong embellishments can include bright trim, heavy-duty hardware, and big buttons contrasted with silhouettes that achieve both a soft and hard feel – consider a cinched waist for a flouncy bottom vs. tough shoulder line and and upturned collar.

Fur Babies, Real and Faux:
Never out of style, just put in cold storage or in the back of the closet, fur coats are an indulgent necessity for glam busy city gals. There is a wonderful array of styles, shapes and colors/prints to choose from for maximum to less coverage. Have fun with fur, consider a Michael Kors long vest for boho casual chic by day and a Marc Jacobs full-length coat for evening drama and lots of heat.

That’s a Wrap:
Wrap coats are a timeless and elegant staple in one’s wardrobe. There are many cozy versions to choose from as there are grand ladies in New York. For example, unleash your inner cool Katharine Hepburn with a sophisticated long camel coat as you walk in brisk weather vs. an urban artistic beat while wearing a Kimberly Goldson wrap a la Project Runway in tomato soup red.

Puffers are Pretty:
Puffer coats offer superb utilitarian value and can be fashion-forward: Down keeps you so toasty there is no need for bulky sweaters underneath, and shape and tailoring bring sleek catwalk fit. Style mavens can go for classic black to yummy electrifying neons that will have them floating in air – figuratively, that is. While I’ve happily relied on my down-filled Kenneth Cole coat for two blustery seasons, Moncler also has an exciting collection.

Love cold weather; really love bundling up in enviable eye-catching coats.

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