Cape Clogs: Swedish Clogs For Every Style

Authentic Swedish clogs can be the most comfortable, all-purpose, year-round footwear. In Fall and Winter, they can be worn with tights and dresses or socks and jeans, and can even replace slippers. Cape Clogs offers them in every conceivable seasonal pattern and style, and in leather from the best Italian tanneries as well as a vegan option. All of their foot beds are hand-carved by artisans who know their craft.

Choose from more than 40 styles, including patent leather, solid leather, wool, suede, soft occupational versions, high heeled versions, flowered patterns, steel-toed, Mary Janes, children’s versions, closed backs, strap backs, cow pattern, leopard pattern, starburst, shiny metallic clogs, open toe, closed toe, semi-soft, and more.

Constructed with natural materials and hand-made in Sweden, each Cape Clogs shoe is unique unto itself. The more the clogs are worn, the better the leather will appear, too. Their Alder wood foot base from Northern Europe is strong, resilient, and surprisingly comfortable and can handle daily wear-and-tear.

Olive oil will strengthen the footbed and preserve the leather, and scuffs can be gently removed with sandpaper, so these clogs will be with you for many years to come, through thick and thin, and every type of occasion. Rubber soles ensure that you won’t slip. Choose your favorites HERE and consider them as holiday gifts that will last for years to come.