Carve Designs for Summer Style

Looking for spring and summer clothes? Carve Designs has you covered for beach, poolside, clam bakes, summer dresses, and accessories such as sun hats, beach bags, and totes. I personally love their jeans, which are pillow soft, flattering, and versatile. you can also build your own bikini on the Carve Designs website.

The Carve Designs organic cotton is some of the softest skin-loving material out there for fun in the sun. This brand basically began on a surf trip with two women, Jan and Thayer, who shared a passion for nature combined with a thirst for adventure. Their sustainable styles represent their hard work, fun-loving take on the world, sense of style, and devotion to creating a better planet. Their clothing is unique and simple, enabling the wearer to imprint them with their own personality, which results in a distinctive multi-layer, since no two people look the same in a Carve Designs creation.

Organic Cotton
The organic cotton clothing is non-GMO, pesticide-free, and requires less water than conventional cotton. This in turn helps build better, healthier soil and avoids the need for using nefarious chemicals. It’s a better choice for the planet, for farmers, for our communities at large, and for future generations.

Here are some styles to love for sun-drenched days:

The Oahu 4″ Short goes with everything: polos, bra tops, T-shirts, and dressier sleeveless tops for casual-wear.

The Carson Hi-Rise Jean in Pink celebrates the brighter side of summer and pairs well with everything (and other colors are available).

The Dylan Gauze Shirt in Lisbon is flexible enough to pair with a white skirt, jeans, board shorts, or dressy black pants to achieve whatever look you’re going for this summer. You can find it in other patterns and colors as well. It’s incredibly lightweight for traveling, easy to clean, and created with marshmallow soft organic cotton.

Swimwear! Mix and match and build your own swimwear preferences through the varied Carve Designs style options: tankinis, bikinis, board shorts, rashguards for surfing, and more.


You can support this brand that has loads of ingredient integrity and inspired clothing choices by shopping for Mother’s Day or the beach days to come for dresses, cover-ups, gorgeous sun hats, swimwear, and more HERE.