Cause and Accent

What you wear can be a reflection of your personality, taste, mood and beliefs. Clothing and its creation has become an opportunity for not only presenting and displaying unique style but also as a vehicle for venture toward ambition or for a valuable cause. Countless clothiers exist today as garments with goals. Here are a few of my favorites:

In God We Must:


Handcrafted from uncirculated mint coins, this piece is incredibly unique and detailed. The ring is rigidly lined along the edge in copper, features THE UNTED STATES on the inside and displays the state of your choice on the outside of the item. NEW YORK for us please!

This brand started out of necessity, to cover medical expenses for the founder’s Type 1 Diabetes. The passion, persistence, and pioneering spirit is what has developed this line to what it is today, a dream of excellence in accessories.

Price: $45.00
Available at:

The Talking Shirt:


With purity on pause these days it seems, where do you go when you want to convey a message that inspirational or with a purpose? The Taking Shirt features dozens of tees, tanks, long sleeves for women, men and kids all with an inspirational or faith based message displayed. Each apparel item is made of a soft, quality materials that appear unshrinkable (which is always a rarity when it comes to tee’s).

The concept started when the brand’s founders (a Pastor and his family) had come back from yet another shopping trip unmoved by what was out there in the big box stores. Alas, the brand was born!

Price: $34.00/Price: $24.00

Available at:



Each bracelet targets trend and is incredibly lightweight. When wearing a piece of a peacebomb you are illustrating more than a portion of history, you are contributing to renewed youth-a culture rising from the ashes.

ARTICLE 22 was derived from tragic historic occurrences that happen during the Vietnam War and was turned into a sustainable industry for the villagers of the town that was affected. Artisans use material from the 250 million bombs dropped over the course of nine years during the Vietnam War. The jewelry brand intends to create positive world influence by designing meaningful jewelry collections from peacebomb metal. Local artisans in Laos started creating spoons from the bombs dropped in their area to create a living for their people. Article 22 saw the opportunity to help and designed collections for them to create and sell to sustain the culture and town.

Price: $70.00/$55.00

Available at:

Groove Ring:

This ring offers true functionality in fashion for the stylish sportsman/woman, those who want a jewelry item that they don’t have to worry about scratching-and oh yes, it’s perfect for the married folk. Want to go rock-climbing, or surfing on your honeymoon but are afraid to scratch those new bands and at the same time go without your new symbol of love? This is the solution for prepared newlyweds!

The bands come in thick or thin and in a variety of colors. The design is meant for a lightweight and airy feel and is completely comfortable and waterproof.

Price: $29.99
Available at:

In honor of Veterans Day, Groove is offering a one day special of 50% off all products. If you’d like to pass this information onto your audience, the promo code is: VetThanks


Dagger Warrior Necklace fashion feeding hunger

Sleek, sexy and strong this necklace has you feeling like the brave bella you are!
One plate of food is donated for ever piece of jewelry sold to Neighbor Impact or the National Charity Feeding America. Paying it forward.

Comes in 14k Gold Fill and Sterling Silver

Price: $97.00
Available at:

Ten Thousand Villages:

New Modern Architecture Ring

Sheer statement style! The ring is a quality piece that exhibits a couture look and genuine feel. Horn against wood creates a contrast of texture and color that is so luxurious when combined. This simple ring holds all the beauty of nature’s unique patterns and materials.

Authentic Fair Trade Product. Ethically sourced. Handcrafted in Vietnam.

Craft Link, a nonprofit organization, with a focus on ethnic minorities, street children and artisans with disabilities. The organization’s goals include cultural preservation, public education on traditional handicraft, income generation for small-scale Vietnamese artisans and acquiring new markets.

Price: $18.99
Available at:

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