Chic Tin Jewelry: Upcycled + Earth-Friendly

As we hide our faces behind masks to help stop the pandemic, accessories are attracting new interest as a means to express our personality. If our faces are hidden, our jewelry can certainly do the talking. However, many among us in 2020 are simply done with plastic and hardware collections that deplete our endangered planet without giving anything back. If you like contemporary pieces that protect the environment without sacrificing style or breaking your bank, then you’ll appreciate the bold, whimsical designs of Canned Goods, a jewelry line from Denver, CO, that produces sustainable pieces made from tin food cans. Bold and fresh, the repurposed line compliments any look, whether classy or sassy. You can wear this line with your favorite evening dress, jean cut outs, bathing suit, or yoga leggings. 

I love the Canned Goods collection of earrings above, such as the Triangle Spray Earrings that evoke the 1920s. The metallic, light-as-feather folds reflect light and look stunning on any face shape. Choose between  Small 1.5″, Medium 2″, Large 3″. Available in a variety of colors in brass, silver, gold and copper at

The Asymmetrical Fold Over Cuff Bracelet is a statement piece all of its own. It brings attention to your wrists and makes your arms look trim and sexy. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes (approximately 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″) and can be “sized” by the wearer to fit most any wrist. So cool, grab it at

For each item purchased, a can of food is donated to charity as part of the company’s CAN DO GOOD program. Have a look at this amazing collection that that husband and wife team, Thomas and Emily Althaus created out discarded pieces of household metal!  The unique upcycled pieces may have slight “imperfections” but these are part of the artisanal look of the collection that makes each piece unique. However, there are no raw edges on any of the pieces. 

Grab your favorite pieces from from over 25 stylish designs and look good while doing good at