Chuks Collins Gives Insight Behind His Fashion Line

Chuks Collins Chuks Collins

Chuks Collins is not your average designer. He takes his fashion seriously. The designer grew up between Nigeria and England. He places his African heritage on a vivid tapestry. The visionary took place in last September’s NYFW with his Marine Euphoria line, which was inspired by his time at the Caribbean. Beauty News NYC recently sat down with Collins to talk about his line, sustainable fashion, and what is next on his plate.


How did you get involved in fashion?

I had the fortunate opportunity to learn sewing from my grandmother at a young age, around 10-12 years old, laying the foundation for my interest in fashion. Growing up, I viewed fashion as a means of identification, so when I see some people dressed in a particular way am always intrigued to learn more about their tribe ( from my childhood).


I saw your line in September and it was fabulous. Where did you get the inspiration for it?

Thank you, That collection was titled Marine Euphoria and it was inspired by my experience from scuba diving in the Caribbean Waters.


Your recent collaboration with Berkeley College sounds promising. Can you tell me more about it?

Capsule Collection is a vivid celebration of African heritage and sustainable artistry.


How important is sustainable fashion to you right now?

To me, sustainability is not a trend but a lifestyle, Sustainable fashion is critically important due to its role in reducing the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry and our everyday lives. This shift is driven by growing consumer awareness and demand for environmentally friendly and ethically produced clothing.


What is your favorite ensemble to wear? Why?
Lately I’ve become a plain tees kind of guy. Guess we are all still evolving lol.


Many fashion enthusiasts say comfort is key. Do you agree?
Oh yes, I like being comfortable and there’s also a lot of nuance to comfortability to different people.


Who is your go-to designer? Why?
Oh, Let’s see- I think different designers for different reasons—Dior, ALAÏA, LISA Folawiyo, and Ralph Lauren whom I’ve worked with amongst many others.


What’s next for you? Will you be at NYFW this February?
Feb 8th, I’ll be opening my studio on 41st Street with a presentation of my fusion line, with some pop-ups, and in March I’ll be doing an off-season show for my F/W’25 Collection.