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As we submerge into summer in this eventful city, savoring each moment of diversity and continuous culture are the perks of being a New Yorker. Ample appreciation for the city we love comes through in a variety of ways. Through enriching art, sumptuous food, emerging entertainment and the most innovative fashion scene in the world is what makes NYC great. How can you individually convey your surge of support or devotion to our eternal city?

When you feel the need to just spell it out and share your home with the world, Kris Nations necklaces can assist you with exhibiting some city pride! These pieces can be a staple accessory that is worn daily, they go with almost everything. Both necklaces are $48.00 each.

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There is a way to show NYC love without looking like a tourist. New Yorkers want defining individuality not cookie cutter, chain store style. Why not, we have the best shopping in the world! Retail price $26.48.

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Joshua Sanders Slip-Ons:

As New York is a city of nothing but walking, a step in the right direction might be to fashion footwear that is not only comfortable but also gives us a bit of city style! Retail price $425.00. To purchase please visit Intermix, Saks Fifth Avenue and Moda Operandi.

The Home T:

This iconic brand is the perfect apparel piece to pay homage to your home state. With the classic signature look and supremely soft feel in the fabric, each tee makes you FEEL HOME and is incredibly cozy! They come in crew neck, tank and sweatshirts in both women, men, children and babies. Retail price for shirts shown is V-Neck tee $32.00 and tank is $28.00.

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The Home T

Origami Owl:

Origami Owl is the is a brand that creates custom creative jewelry pieces for any genre or look. The bracelets featured below are a good example of how to represent our sassy state and show team support! Retail price for the Mets bracelet is $79.00, the Yankees $82.00 and the New York State bracelet is $84.00.

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Accent and accessorize this summer season syncing your style to, all things New York.

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