Comfort and Fashion Go Hand-in-Hand with Quince

As a Taurus, my life has been destined to live in luxury. Investing in pieces that will last a lifetime at a competitive cost is the key to my heart. Introducing Quince, a brand dedicated to high caliber goods for all budgets. I’ve been wearing some of their stunning pieces and I have to say: Quince is where it’s at.

100% Washable Silk Pajama Top and Short

Taurus is synonymous with sleep so once I had 100% Washable Silk Pajama Top and Short set I felt so womanly and posh as I slumbered away in my faux satin sheets. It’s ultra soft to the touch and breathable to wear while sleeping. So easy to wash as I throw it in with all of my other delicates and it’s ready to wear again and again to bed. I don’t know how Quince does it, but I’m in love.

100% European Linen Smocked Mini Dress

Comfort over style is not a thing for Taurus. We want both and Quince fulfills those needs. Dresses are the happy medium. One on rotation is 100% European Linen Smocked Mini Dress, a casual-cute-chic dress that can be easily done up with some gloss and lashes. I’ve been sweating so much in the southern sun and this dress gives me the ability to both eat all the good food and breathe happily.

100% Organic Cotton Smocked Midi Dress

If I’m feeling a bit more dressy, 100% Organic Cotton Smocked Midi Dress is in my hands and getting put on. I’m on the shorter side so longer dresses can tend to drown me but this dress fits so well, hitting right above my ankles. Perfect walking on the beach or dancing in the kitchen after dinner.

Everyday Square Neck Tank Bodysuit

Tauruses are known for laziness but I consider us to be slow moving. Life doesn’t have to be a rush. And with the Everyday Square Neck Tank Bodysuit, I can throw this on with a pair of bottoms and I know I look damn good, without compromising my slow nature. It’s stretchy enough for everyday and hugs my curves. My favorite way to wear it is with a jean skirt or white shorts. Fab!

Mongolian Cashmere Tee

Cashmere just sounds so nice, even the word. Cash-mere. Mmmhmm love it! My Venus-ruled nature aligns me to covet all that is cashmere and the Mongolian Cashmere Tee is no exception. This soft-cuddly shirt upgrades the everyday cotton tee to something more sustainable, long-lasting, and pleasurable to wear. I have to stock up on all the colors because who would go back to the norm? You deserve to experience the luxe life 365 days a year, all with Quince.