CONQUERing is Conquering the Jewelry Scene

There is nothing I appreciate more when it comes to gifts than jewelry. I can’t think of anything that is more meaningful. So I was pretty psyched when I heard about an inspiring and truly unique jewelry company called CONQUERing.

CONQUERings are unlike any ring you’ve ever worn. Think of your favorite fidget spinner mixed with a secret positive message. Oh yeah, and an adorable design! I have two CONQUERings, one from the Gold Collection, and one from the Silver Collection. The rings have an interesting pattern of curves and lines engraved on a disc. When the rings are on, the discs lie flat on your finger. And when you take off the rings and flick the discs, the most beautiful encouraging messages are revealed. On my gold ring, the message reads “You Got This,” and on my silver ring the message reads “Breathe.”

I love knowing that no matter what kind of day I’m having, I can gain support from these rings while still looking fashionable. Ring bases cost $21, and from there you can collect as many different discs as you’d like for $5 each to mix things up.

Order your very own CONQUERing online HERE for only $26.

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