Dainty Dagger Fine Jewelry: Unique with an Elegant Flair

The Los Angeles-based jewelry line Dainty Dagger fuses upscale elegance with an independent, modern vibe and the result is something you will want to cherish. Whether you prefer edgy, girly, whimsical, or classically traditional, there’s something for you to love in their line that will reflect your spirit and style on any given day. This brand aims to alter the concept of how people perceive and wear precious jewelry, and how it can be embraced as part of their daily lifestyle. Dainty Dagger uses 18K gold, precious gemstones, and high quality diamonds in its distinctive pieces to ensure the pieces remain gorgeous over time as they are worn, handed down through the generations, or bestowed as gifts.

Here are some of my favorite Dainty Dagger pieces, but you will likely have many others:

Gold Rings: Delicate, Chunky, or as you like them. Stack them or showcase them on one finger or on a necklace. They’re delicate yet sturdy, and worthy of every occasion.

The Gold Lock – This iconic Dainty Dagger lock comes as earrings or a pendant

The Empress’ New Earrings
These 18K gold earrings and matching pendent have a timeless quality. I can image Catherine the Great or Eleanor of Aquitaine wearing these, and yet they’ve been updated with an undeniably modern aesthetic. They pair well with anything: casual jeans with a sweater and formal occasion dresses, and although they don’t necessarily bring the drama, they will certainly impart mystery, subtlety, majesty, and marvelousness, which is exactly why I adore them.

The Travel Case
You’ll want something equally elegant to carry these Dainty Dagger pieces with you when you travel, and their travel case is roomy enough for multiple rings, necklaces, and earrings, yet compact and lightweight enough to tuck into a purse, carry on bag, or luggage. This is sturdy and well-crafted with a gold zipper and light pink exterior. If you seek something even smaller, opt for the Petite Travel Case in black or beige.

If you have some holiday gift cards or cash and are wondering what to choose, and you love jewelry, you should definitely check out Dainty Dagger.

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