Dainty Gold Hoops for Every Occasion with Maple & J

Maple & J HoopsFew things capture my interest and my heart more than jewelry. As far as I am concerned, I never have enough. Whether it’s scouring the web or browsing a street fair, I am always on the hunt to add to my collection. But despite my addiction to all things accessories, I am picky when it comes to jewelry. You see, my preferences are beautiful, well-made, but dainty items. And it is surprisingly hard to find products that meet those standards, particularly when it comes to earrings! So when I saw these darling 14k gold-filled Maple & J Hoops, I jumped at the chance to take them home with me.

Everyday Gold Hoops

Maple & J Hoops

Maple & J’s Everyday Gold Hoops are more than worth the hype. They are perfect for everything from a casual stroll to grab a coffee to a fancy wedding reception. The cool part is that these hoops (like all jewelry from Maple & J) are designed to be worn. This means you don’t need to worry about taking them out while showering or exercising, and if you have sensitive earlobes like me, you need not fear any irritation.

I am so impressed with my hoops, and there hasn’t been a time I have worn them yet when I haven’t received a compliment. They are comfortable to wear and sturdily constructed, but they don’t sacrifice that delicate feminine look, which I love so much. I especially like pairing them with my Gold You Got This fidget ring from CONQUERing.

Maple & J’s Everyday Gold Hoops are available online HERE for $65.

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