DeFacto: A Turkish Clothing Brand is Called to Action

Recently tragedy struck the nation of Türkiye in the form of a massive earthquake, claiming the lives of 45,000 and forever changing the hearts of those left in its aftermath. As the people of Türkiye are still reeling from the disaster, DeFacto, the leading retailer of fashion and ready-to-wear in Türkiye, is doing what it can to help.

General Manager Önder Senol released a statement, saying “In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, as DeFacto we assessed what we could do to expedite the recovery efforts. We have coordinated closely with government officials, NGOs, and other relevant rescue organizations to maximize our assistance. Our efforts are ongoing. As DeFacto, we have acted in one heart and instant coordination with our related governmental and civil society organizations, and 15,000 members of the DeFacto family from the first moment of the earthquake that shook our country. We have mobilized all our resources to heal the wounds of our citizens in the earthquake zone. We began shipping hundreds of thousands of winter clothing, blankets, and other items to those in need in the area. We promptly opened the doors of our stores in the area and made our items accessible to anyone in need of assistance.”

Senol went on to address the needs of children, a big focus for the brand. “The most destructive effect of the earthquake was, of course, on our children. Maybe a lifetime of repair for them is needed. We immediately wanted to take action for the children who lost their families and homes due to the earthquake. Within the framework of the protocol we signed with the Ministry of Family and Social Services, we now meet the clothing needs of the children who are taken under protection in the earthquake zone for the full year 2023.”

DeFacto began as a single store in 2005 with the aim of becoming a global brand. Today, it continues to grow with more than 500 stores on five different continents. DeFacto’s mission is to provide customers with easy and fast access to quality
and stylish products. They’ve always put a priority on listening closely to their customers all over the world to develop solutions for their needs. With this latest initiative for relief and aid for the recent earthquake, DeFacto is sticking to its promise to its customers in both Türkiye and beyond.