Design Your Own Shoes at the Qüero Pop Up Shop


Have you ever dreamed of designing your own pair of shoes but never did it because the idea seemed preposterous and old-fashioned in our time of mass produced factory made pumps? This dream is what triggered the collaboration of the founders of Qüero, a bespoke e-commerce shoe company where you can have shoes custom made according to your specific requests. Tired of not finding high quality shoes that they liked, the designers hired Spanish artisans with generations of experience to create shoes according to long traditions of craft in Spain. You need to hold one of these shoes in your hand to understand all the difference that a hand crafted shoe carries: the beauty and individuality of a work of art. Yet one of the great things about Qüero is that it is all affordable.

Right now, Qüero has a design center in a pop store in the Refinery hotel in midtown Manhattan. Stop by, meet the creators of the brand and check out the store’s vast collection of styles. Then discuss with one of the designers what alterations you wish to have on a style that grabs you. You can select a pointy or round toe, add a cap toe, mix leather and suede, decide what kind of lining, sole or heel, construction you prefer the options are endless. You can play up a street style vibe by altering the construction and fabrics or go for a more reserved classic leather look. Each shoe offers 1 to 7 areas where different leather or suede can be applied.

Three different styles of each shoe are available in the pop-up shop to help you visualize variations or feed your creativity. Handmade ready-to-go shoes are also available to purchase. All options create a gorgeous classic that will become an essential piece in your wardrobe. The best thing is that these handmade shoes start at only $185. You cannot even find a good pair of regular shoes at that price anymore.

Qüero also has a mobile platform so you can start designing your shoes on your commute or where ever inspiration strikes you. You can also use the Qfit app to ensure you order the perfect size for your shoes.

Stop by the Qüero Pop Up Shop and meet the team. They will help guide you in your decision or explain to you how to start creating shoes for yourself so your shoes never have to look like everyone else’s again. Have fun bringing your personality to your feet!

For more information, go to
The Qüero Pop Up Store is at the Refinery Hotel
63 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018
Between 5th and 6th Avenue

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