Designer Justin Haynes: From Springfield, MA to the Runway

Photographer: Scott Parker

Justin Haynes always wanted to be a designer. In fact, he threw away his 8-figure salary job to become one. “I was in the five-year span of my last job. It was a job in Chicago. I dropped everything to start my own brand and remembering crying when I was in my home but… here I am today.”

Haynes is from Springfield Massachusetts area. Now his JUS10H line has been featured in Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami Fashion Weeks. His work has led him to collect quite a few fashion and lifestyle awards, and his garments have even been featured in a CoverGirl advertisement in Times Square. Not bad for a kid from Massachusetts.

I sat down with the designer to see how he built his line, advice he has for others wanting to do the same, and his inspirations.

Where did you find inspiration for your line?

Just daily life. I don’t want to be that brand that only looks good on the runway or in editorial. My biggest inspiration is the vintage eras: the ’60s and ’70s. I think everyone looked and dressed very well everywhere they went back then, even to the grocery store. Everyone looked immaculate. That’s what I want to continue. I want to continue great garments for everyday life for anytime of the day.



You said, “Consistency is key, and presentation is everything to build up a social media a social media presence”. Would you give that advice to anyone starting up in social media?

Absolutely. Not even in social media. If you start a business, you must stick to it. That’s the only way people will tell if people are serious about your craft and what you do. I stayed consistent in what I did and love despite who didn’t like it and the negative comments. If you don’t believe in what you do, no one else will.

When I met you just a few years ago, your clothing line was on the verge of going mainstream. Do you think you’ve made it or is there still more work to be done?

I always think there’s more work to be done. I think I’ve evolved, but there are areas that need more work. There’s a whole demographic of people who don’t know who Justin Haynes is. I don’t ever want to feel that I made it.

Photographer: Scott Parker
Where can the people buy your clothes?

Well, everything is made to order. It’s not manufactured or e-commerced. A lot of customers, as collections come, can purchase as is or they can make an appointment to get a custom garment made, where we build it from the ground up.

Do you think it’s a good time to build a fashion line in 2023, post-covid, and with e-commerce at a threshold?

Anytime is good. You have to know your clientele. Nothing comes overnight. I think that a lot of the newer entrepreneurs and fashion designers see what they see, and they see what we’ve done, but they don’t know what we’ve built to be where we are. People have to know your product and that it won’t fall apart tomorrow. Starting it isn’t the problem – it’s making sure that you understand you have to start somewhere to grow. It took me fourteen years. You have to go through the process.

Which designers do you look up to?

Ben Sherman. He is not as relevant today as he was when I was in school. I love his aesthetic of his brand. You still see his name in shoes or a travel pack. He has always been consistent. That’s one designer I would love to meet one day. He has been an impact since my high school days.

What’s next for you?

I take it day by day. I was just added to the regional status of The Knot and am dabbling in Bridal Wear. As I went from JUS10H I’m going to introduce more bridal wear now.

Visit Justin’s website here.