Despina Kotsis’ Streetwear Line Is Gaining Traction

MINX Photo By: Despina Kotsis

Fashion designer Despina Kotsis has meshed together two countries, two diverse looks, and two cultures to create Minx Streetwear: it’s all where Greece Meets New York City. Proud of her heritage, Kotsis proudly begun a streetwear line that is comfortable and represents her culture at the same time.

Established in 2017, Kotsis wanted to create a line that had New York City streetwear appeal added with the Greece flair. After being featured in Teen Vogue and Seventeen magazines, you can say that Kotsis is well on her way.

Beauty News NYC’s Robert Frezza had the pleasure of speaking with Despina Kotsis about her line, the pride she has for her heritage, and how she’s pushing her limits to the sky.

Where did you get your savvy fashion sense from?

My grandparents are from Greece. Greek was my first language. The culture, the heritage, and traditions are a part of my life. I am super proud to be Greek. I like to show my culture through my designs.

Where did you get the inspiration for your fashion line, Minx?

My designs are inspired by my Greek culture. The logo and the symbolism behind Minx is the pigeon, which is related to New York City. My motto and slogan for my line is spread your wings, which means I want to inspire people to follow their dreams. We are all like the pigeon basically and we all have our own set of wings and if we spread them we will be able to live a life of endless opportunity. It’s not just a greek brand but there’s a message behind it.

You also design the “Dope Eye” with the skyline of New York City on it.

That is my best selling design and it’s super close to my heart because it represents me as a Greek American living in New York City. The inspiration is behind the evil eye, which is really big in Greek culture. The lashes are the New York City skyline and I added more color to it and that’s how I got the Dope Eye.

What is the Greek Evil Eye?

If people talk bad about you or are jealous, they give you the evil eye. But the dope eye gives you good energy and good vibes.

You are only 24. What else do you want to accomplish?

I think the opportunities are endless but as a 24 year old in streetwear and a as a woman designer I want to get my brand’s name and message behind it out there. I feel like there’s a lot of streetwear brands out there that don’t have a message behind it and they’re just a popular name brand. There’s more to Minx than just the Greek side. I want to inspire people. I am here for a purpose. Also, the fact that I do not have a degree behind me with what I am doing shows that you did not a degree to chase your dreams. It takes motivation, passion, and persistence and see where it takes you. I have been blessed with the opportunities that I have had.

Your line is unisex?

Yes, I really want to do a children’s line – that would be a dream. If I had more help or more of a team, I could push it to bigger limits. I have been doing this all on my own, but that is the beauty of having a business. I have been doing the PR, the marketing, etc. As a creative and being my own boss gives you endless opportunities. Nobody will understand it better than you.

Where can I buy your prints? – but it’s on pause right now as I will be traveling to Greece to hopefully get more inspiration. I’m working on my fall collection right now. The fall line is more towards the Minx logo and less of the Greece aspect. Now. it’s going to be a more minimalistic collection for now.

How did the brand survive COVID?

I had to stop my business for two years completely because the post offices were closed. Mia Vardalos, from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, helped promote my brand. My brand was getting bigger, but when Covid rolled around it erased everything. My back up plan was to build my brand through Tik Tok. So I built a following of 114 thousand and the content was Greek American related videos. That was getting publicity in a way. I’m still here and proud to say my brand was featured in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

Do you think women designers are getting fair representation in fashion in 2024?

I definitely do and think there needs to be more representation. I think streetwear is getting so popular that I’m shocked how much hoodies are going for. So that’s when I decided to get into the streetwear game.

Will you do NYFW in September?

I got invited as a creator for NYFW for as an event. I would love to have my line showcased somehow. There is a lot of scams going around too. People just want the cash for the label. You just got to be alert.

Your motto is to spread your wings. How do you personally spread your wings?

I spread my wings to be positive and I believe in myself. It’s all a mental game at the end of the day. It’s you against you. You have to have a strong positive mindset both through the good and the bad.