Doshi’s Fine Vegan-Leather Goods for Ethical Gifting

Doshi FCSA (Fine Clothes, Shoes + Accessories) positions itself as intentionally social and ethically hip, and was founded to provide fashionable, functional, and high-quality vegan products to those who appreciate fine things in life. Their Peta-approved collection encompasses backpacks, briefcases, wallets, belts, handbags, passport covers, masks, and even a fantastic black, V-neck Doshi T-shirt for workouts.

Doshi FCSA’s offering should be on your radar for Holiday 2020, since there’s something there for everyone: students, professionals, fashionistas, travelers, and belt-lovers.

Their Products:
Based in California, Doshi FCSA designs products to be practical and useful, with materials and construction methods that are meant to hold up to frequent use. They also are eco-friendly, believe in fair wages, are sustainable, and care about the type of materials they use. Their beautiful products last, and then disappear back into the earth in a circle of sustainability.

Visit to read more at For a limited time, register and receive $20 off any handbag, backpack, or briefcase over $100. Put this on your Holiday 2020 list, or pick up a gift card! You can also earn Doshi Rewards by signing up at their site, and the brand donates 5% of their revenue to responsible, vetted non-profits.


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