Empreinte, The Most Comfortable Bra You’ll Ever Wear

Believe me, you will want to buy an Empreinte bra after you try one, because there is simply no other bra that fits so well while amplifying natural elegance and femininity.

This luxury line of gorgeous, sensual, sheer bras from France features excellent overall support in fiber blends made of polyamide, polyester, and elastane. Constructed like architectural designs to provide comfort by experts, they are the reference for the highest quality in intimate apparel.

We met with the Josie-Anne Le Diouron, a bra fitting specialist at Empreinte, to learn more about what makes this line of bras so comfortable and coveted in the world.

Empreinte Flora Underwire Low Necked Bra

Q: How did Empreinte start designing bras?
A: As a son of a pharmacist with training in medical bandages and support, the founder of Empreinte, Jean Le Her, was often approached for help by pharmacy customers suffering from pain caused by their larger busts. In 1946, Le Her teamed up with a seamstress who had a passion for lingerie, and by combining his technical ingenuity with her design skills, they were able to create bras in cup sizes A to C. This was revolutionary at the time, offering women bras that fitted their individual body shape.

Q: Why does Empreinte specialize in sizes C and up?
A: There are a lot of amazing options on the lingerie market for the smaller cup sizes A and B. When it comes to larger cup sizes, the bigger the cup size, the fewer the options. Empreinte wanted to offer the same great choice of bras made out of the finest material for women with larger breasts.

Q: What is the best way to measure one’s size for a bra?
A: We strongly recommend getting fitted by a professional fitter in a store. However, there is a way to get an idea of your actual size in the comfort of your home. First, measure your rib cage under the breast keeping the measuring tape parallel to the floor, then round up to the next even number (ex.: 31 rounded up to 32). This gives you your band size (ex.: 32). Then measure your breast where it is the fullest while wearing a non-padded bra, again keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. Round it off to the closest round number (example: 36 ½ rounded to 36). When you subtract the band size from the breast size, the number will give you your cup size: 1-inch difference = A cup, 2 inches difference = B cup, etc. (ex: 36-32 = 4; size is 32D).

Q: How do you know that a bra is not fitting properly?
A: Main signs that a bra is not fitting properly are: back is riding up, breast is spilling out of the cups, there is a gap between the breast and the cup, breast is slipping under the wires.

Q: How should the straps be adjusted?
A: Straps should be adjusted regularly so they feel snug on the body but not too tight. You should be able to put a finger between your shoulder and the straps.


Q: Why are Empreinte cups fitting so well?
A: Empreinte cups construction is unique for each size, meaning that the cup for each size has its own design, as with a made-to-measure garment. Each bra in each size is tested on real women to make sure they fit perfectly in each and every size offered.

Q:How long should one keep a bra?
A: This depends on the frequency the bra is worn. A bra that is worn every day should be replaced after about 4-6 months. We recommend having a few bras on rotation to make them last longer and give them some rest between each wear.

Q: What is the best care for your bra to keep its shape?
A: Best care for your bra is hand wash with mild soap and hang it to dry. Padded bras should be stored flat on top of each other.

Empreinte’s bras are offered for women C-cup and up, and are made with the finest French craftsmanship. All bras are available on HerRoom.com and BareNecessities.com.