Erotic Dresses at the Nolcha Shows

At Nolcha Fashion Week, the leading platform for independent fashion designers, womenswear Spring 2013 collections celebrated femininity in many ways. Several designers created pieces that played audaciously with transparency and see-through mesh to create a sense of alluring eroticism. See-through designs that show a lot, if not all, seem to be a staying trend of the past few seasons. Every season tries to beat the last in pushing the edginess of fashion.

Adolfo Sanchez, the LA designer, set a fine line between what can be seen and what cannot be with his dramatic creations, in particular two black dresses one with a totally see-through front in black veil and another with a mesh fabric with a layered tucked bodice, evoking a sculptural three-dimensional piece. Elegant and unbashful, they put forward a brazen woman with a perfect body; unafraid to show it, flaunt it and go to battle with it. If you fit that profile this dress is for you.

Angelys Balek, the Bangkok designer had a more restrained approach with an interesting combination of mesh layered over a slip, creating a textured look and playfulness that evoke the black silhouettes of old-fashioned children’s books.

The Middle Eastern duo Mesho and Nouf Abothnain, creators of the brand Mn Aloush worked embroidery and transparency into their edgy and bold evening looks including a singular gold mesh set accentuating a sense of girly valor and brazenness.

YB Couture had an arresting transparent little dress that evoked even less than a slip, making it a luxe transitional piece for the night. If you have no qualms about making your underwear part of your look, this is for you. Feminine and edgy it is fun and liberating on some level. Another piece included a full skirt constructed of a feather-like textile and an embroidered transparent bodice with a constructed crown to offer some coverage. This was a more mature piece for a woman who wants to reveal herself in a dignified manner.

Aisha and Artini used a meandering design of lines to distract from the sheer fabric. For the fashionably fearless, you are invited not to wear too much below this revealing piece either. Dany Tabet’s inspiration is to be found in the sensual earthiness of his Middle Eastern culture.

The Nolcha Collection was a lot of fun to watch and displayed once more this year the great talent and boldness of its emerging designers. I look forward to this collection every year as it keeps a consistent mark of quality and novelty and you never know what new border will be crossed in an industry that has seen it all.

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