Esme: Comfortable + Good-for-You Underwear

It’s time to raise the bar on your underwear. Eco-friendly brand Esme designs exclusive seaweed-based panties that are sustainable and include the perk of wellness benefits. Everything used to create this super soft and smooth underwear is energy-efficient and ethically made.

Esme’s signature seaweed-based fabric is crafted by making usable fibers and spinning them into a yarn known as SeaCell. The vitamin and mineral-rich material prevents UTIs and yeast infections and I think this little piece of necessary fabric is revolutionary.

With no toxic chemicals, Esme has got the goods! Antibacterial and odor-repellant, this dainty undergarment is machine washable. Pricing differs depending on how many pairs of underwear you would like, but there is something for every budget. Ideal for everyday use, feel the lavishness and visit

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