Fall Fashion Roundup: Artful Accessories + Active Clothing


Here are some accessories to sigh for, and clothes that can pull double duty at work and at the gym. In an era where major brands are focusing more on activewear, it’s fashionable to meld fitness clothing with everyday attire.

This elegant Robert Matthew Sofia 24K Gold Leather Shoulder Clutch in Dark Sapphire, Pink Ruby, Black Diamond or Brown Jewel is truly a gem. It’s constructed with care, the leather is thick and sturdy, and it’s a piece you can appreciate for years. Perfect as a holiday gift or to match your fall wardrobe. Also find wristlets, totes, shoulder bags, scarves and jewelry at http://www.robertmatthew.com.

Unique Soul Carrier purses are handcrafted with care. Created in Leon from soft, genuine leather, The Olivia, shown above, features a micro-suede interior liner and exterior metal charm. It’s ideal situations that warrant minimalism and for traveling light. Check out the complete line of gorgeous Soul Carrier purse styles and sizes at http://www.soulcarrier.com and read the moving Soul Carrier manifesto on the About Us page written by Creative Director and founder Jenn Paige, who lost her parents in car accident when she was in college. It’s an inspiring story behind a beautiful product line.

This Mesh With Me Bra Tank can add a sliver of graphics and color to your muted Fall work attire when worn under a sweater or buttoned blazer, and offers additional support throughout the day, including your core (since everything is hoisted up). Then when work is finished, you’re ready to hit the gym or the pavement: http://www.zumba.com.

Leggings can enhance a daytime work outfit and then after work, you can leave your skirt or dress at the gym and shine in Tri-Me Perfect Leggings, featured above, and available in blue or black along with many other styles and patterns at http://www.zumba.com.

Fall is definitely hoodie and cardigan time in the city, worn under coats or alone. Throw one on before and after work or keep one at your desk for layering. The Funky Zip-Up Cardigan is great to have on hand: http://www.zumba.com.

You have to get to work somehow and in NYC it usually involves a fair amount of walking, so as a result tennis shoes are often swapped out for heels at your desk upon arrival (or sooner). These Zumba Impact Max shoes are ultra comfortable and will get you to the gym after work too; available in 9 different colors: http://www.zumba.com.

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