Fall Finale: Fashion Week Fall 2017

If there was one thing I took away from fashion week this season was confidence, the ever-present theme of Fall 2017. It is advertently apparent that each collection, no matter the designer had the independent, sophisticated woman in mind. A woman who is timeless, tasteful and fully aware of who she is. Throughout the majority of the collections during fashion week, several trends remained consistent. The colors navy and black combos merged together. Azul blue, royal blue and winter white were shown often. Metallics in gold, silver and rose gold were notably displayed in almost every line. Leopard print and fur trim on suited collars and a vast array of sweaters and coats seem to exhibit in tailored, casual and trend wear broadly. A dramatic flair at the sleeve as well as cut-out shoulders and décolletage pieces were highlighted throughout numerous tops. Flowy dresses with asymmetrical or straight high slits were a dramatic feature to dresses and skirts.
As no two women are alike, this season I shine a spotlight on two designers that embrace the full meaning of a woman’s confidence but in two different ways.

Sherri Hill


“I enjoy being a girl.”

From season to season, Sherri Hill never disappoints. Think of grace, beauty and grandeur-that’s the only way to explain her work. It’s like when you were playing as a little girl and you dressed up like a princess…a fantasy come true.
Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s daughter Delilah modeled in the show for several looks, seriously stunning! The collection seamlessly showed a design for almost every desire. From flowy floor-length gowns and long trains to mini-skirts and crop tops, all glamorous. The elements in the garments were an array of metallics, intricate crystal, bedazzling beading and fine satin.

Will stop you dead in your tracks when one of her pieces pass in front of you.

*Images courtesy of Credit is Travis W Keyes Photography and Randy Brooke/Getty Images

Zang Toi


“I’m beautiful, elegant and ambitious- I dress how I see fit.”

Exclusionary elegance, each piece is impeccably tailored. The line displayed ingrained detailing-sleek, crisp suits followed by a white blouse with an elongated collar or cut-out at the cleavage area. Fur vests and fur-lined suite jacket collars adorned several looks. Among my favorite was the strapless azul mini-dress and the sheer train following behind it. The final garment in the collection resembled the romance of the Renaissance and was entitled “Brilliant Royal Blue Princess”, truly breathtaking!

*Images courtesy of Zang Toi


To add prestige to already posh designs, Shop LC featured their sapphire and diamond earrings to accompany several of the looks for the Zang Toi collection (shown in the second image).

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