Famolare: Get Your ‘70s Groove On

Check out the hippest shoes and sandals that are making quite the comeback. The iconic label from the ’70s, Famolare is now the go-to footwear for versatility and style. Known for its comfortable and trendy wavy soles, Famolare is an excellent choice when looking for a chic shoe that is comfy all day long. The completely women-owned company has a strong mission: to build the success of their brand and to help women realize their full potential. This is why CEO and President of Famolare, Victoria Staten, is bringing back the brand that supports peace, pushes for civil rights, and rallies to protect the environment and work for causes that empower women.

If you’ve ever had an issue with high heels, you will love Famolare – and because the soles are wavy, the first wave grasps shock to the heel and ankle, the second wave absorbs shock to the arch, the third wave will pleasantly roll you forward and the fourth pushes you off. This balance is so great that you won’t have to worry about falling over when you wear a higher wedge. Famolare shoes feel snug and relaxed, so you can wear them without discomfort after a few hours. This shoe delivers a win-win when you have a long occasion (wedding season!) that you want to dress up for and wish to avoid the pain later.

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