Fashion Best Bet: Sustain By Kat’s Organic Line

Sustain By Kat offers organic, plant-dyed clothing that’s as soft as a cotton ball and gentle on Mother Earth. Sustain By Kat was created to provide a healthy, sustainable alternative to conventional clothing and its pieces are made from organic, natural fibers (undyed or plant-dyed), thus avoiding harmful chemicals that could absorb into your body.

The tunic is plant-dyed with madder root, one of the oldest natural dyes and noted for its ability to render gorgeous red hues. It’s been safely used for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt. Cloth dyed with madder root has been found among the possessions of King tut. It’s entirely possible that one of the seven Cleopatras draped herself in clothing dyed naturally with madder root. Buy clothing that’s good for your skin — and support this admirable effort make the world better by shopping at