Fine Art Fall-Shion With Fine Art By Ane

Not long ago, my New York heart was deeply attached to my monochrome wardrobe. Classic, classy and easy to match – my entire wares consisted of blacks, grays, taupe and maroon with maybe an army green here or there. My shoes were the only methods of additional patterning. I have come to the point where I realize that is no longer enough. It was time to add color and pattern to my world.

eco friendly fine art by ane howard colors of tokyo

If you are also looking to add something extra and unique to your wardrobe, turn your gaze away from the typical monochrome selections and boldly try becoming an art canvas yourself with Ane Howard’s fine art apparel Fine Art by Ane.

Fine Art by Ane is a luxury boutique designed and run by fine artist Ane Howard. Based in California, the pieces can be found in the forms of print, furniture, home-decor and human-decor as fine art has finally made its way to the ready-to-wear market on eco-fiber textiles.

What are Eco-fibers and why should I care?

The textile industry is notorious for it’s contribution to world pollution and environmental harm through its processes of cultivating and harvesting materials, creation of synthetic fabrics and its processes of chemically coloring or otherwise altering textiles. While it’s not the only industry contributing to the decline of our environment, it can help alleviate it’s part of the problem by focusing on eco-friendly approaches such as eco fibers. Eco fibers used in textiles include organic cotton, lyocell, bamboo and synthetic polyester made using lactic acid found from corn.

Fine Art by Ane uses materials such as recycled polyester and upcycled leather to continue with this eco-conscious approach.

Ready-To-Wear Art Apparel

Now that we know we are wearing some cool morally uplifting materials, we can relax into the appreciation of the art displayed on these wearable canvases. Fine Art By Ane features it’s eco-fashion on various forms of apparel such as maxi skirts, bomber jackets, lounge sets, hoodies, bucket backpacks, hats and even swimwear. Each collection varies in its aesthetic flavor but all provide the same satisfaction of walking around wearing a gallery piece.

Many pieces come in sets and with several collections to choose from, you are bound to find the art piece that vibes the most with you. I personally went for the collection showcasing the artwork – Open Your Eyes to the Power of Love. I usually don’t go for pieces with human beings being represented in it, but I loved the name and have always enjoyed the combination color combo of pink and green. Paired with a leather jacket and chunky white sneakers, this became an easy outfit to not only look cute but to remain comfortable with minimal effort.

The maxi skirt and crop top are a soft blend of organic cotton, eco-polyester and spandex so it maintained a bit of stretch while keeping a very soft feel. The skirt has pockets and a drawstring, though the elastic felt strong enough to keep cinched on my waist as is. The fabric itself had a nice weight to it and as noted on the site – “the design will not flake, crack or peel off”. As a rough handler of some of my belongings this was very important to me.

eco friendly fine art by ane howard

Fine Art by Ane apparel fits nicely with activities such as museum viewing, gallery hopping and day-time dates. Super comfortable, casually fashionable and ethically rewarding, the Fine Art By Ane wearable collections would be a great addition to any wardrobe to spice your life with eco-fashion, aesthetically pleasing ready-to-wear art.

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