Flattering Fall Fashion Favorites


You know that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and it’s like someone clicked on the switch to that crisp, cool seasonal shift? I remember it hit August 31 exactly. Most of us are disappointed that the summer just flew by but there are a select few that favor Fall. Finally the year’s most fashionable season has officially arrived and there are a few personal prep items to charm you into the chill.

Verona Backpack
Item: 1964-4

Now that back to school has beckoned, the most accessible accessory is what comes to mind. The Verona Backpack has numerous pockets poised for all your most needed school or work must haves. The lux, soft fabric reveals an elegant yet textured feel. The bag is designed with natural milled leather and a tumbled finish, highlighting the natural grain texture.

Backpack features adjustable straps and allows a close fit to the body for comfort and convenience.

Available at: http://www.mywalit.com


The moment I saw this purse up close I instantly thought of Audrey Hepburn. Both edgy and elite, this bag features a unique and creative craftsmanship that is a timeless token of femininity.

Colors: Tan and White
Available at: http://www.lulus.com


One of my first memories of checking into school was getting my first eye exam and pair of glasses. Back then it was truly more of a fashion faux pas than a fashion find. I dreaded wearing them but now eye glasses are viewed as an enhancement to better sight and an empowering look. With EYEBUY DIRECT you can simply upload your prescription and choose from dozens of the brands best. This pair features a glossy plastic frame front with textured faux wooden arms. The brand enlists all the extras you could ask for, try out the transition feature when ordering-it’s like glasses and sunglasses all in one!

Available at: http://www.eyebuydirect.com

Maui Jim

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that you can shelve your sunglasses. We have many sun filled days ahead and what better way to show you are prepared for Fall fashion than to enlist a pair of serious specs. Maui Jim has designed sunglass that project a pristine perception of the world around you…without any rose color added. All images are clearly concise and the frames are lightweight and comfortable.

Available at: http://www.mauijim.com

the breast whisperer

When thinking of Fall fashion, one doesn’t usually think of undergarments. However, they are the unspoken staple item that sculpts your entire overall look. Plastic surgeon Brian J. Eichenberg M.D. and designer Ankur Chakraborty collaborated to create the fashion fix to an often unflattering fitted form. This innovative bra is not only functional but comfortable as well, a key component to a stylish and seamless silhouette!

Available at: http://www.thebreastwhisperer.com

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