FW 2021: MAISON LES ÉNERVÉS for Elegant Artfulness

The Maison Les Énervés brand is dedicated to creating the most luxurious and well-made clothing possible for men and women as wearable works of art. The unique styles and timeless fabrics this brand uses truly elevates fashion to a heightened realm, and it’s easy to imagine Matisse, Kahlo, or Picasso wearing one of this brand’s pieces. The patterned linen, silk and cotton creations from Maison Les Énervés are gorgeous enough to wear to elegant events, yet comfortable enough to be casual.

Their patterned pants and shirts are distinctive and gorgeous:

The Maison Les Énervés colors are soothing and understated:

The Maison Les Énervés bucket hats are reversible and charming:

Maison Les Énervés / “Fondée sans colère” translates to “house of the restless without anger,” however, “Énervé” has a double meaning– it holds an affinity to those who are “angry” but also full of life, passionate and spontaneous. The brand applies this double-meaning as a filter to the designs they create, which are bold, unique, and one of a kind. Their garments and accessories are made with only the highest quality of materials such as organic cotton, silk, linen, and sterling silver. Their distinction lies in the brand’s signature embroidery found on every garment – whether it’s their logo or iconic illustrations influenced by the works of Picasso and Jean Cocteau. It is truly something you will not find anywhere else. They work closely with Indonesian artisans and produce in small batches to minimize their environmental impact and to support the local economy.

Wakim Krari is the founder of Maison Les Énervés and a French-Moroccan architect and designer based in Bali, Indonesia. He is also passionate about video-making, and his travels in Asia provided the inspiration for him to create his ready-to-wear brand. Read more about him and his brand philosophy HERE. The Honeycomb meshing used in Maison Les Énervés clothing is usually used for household linen, and revolutionizing its use and making it into a chic garment was a challenge that the design house wanted to take up. The brand also wants to combine architectural lines and different sewing techniques while paying particular attention to detail. The result is magnificent.

Have your favorite Maison Les Énervés styles delivered straight to your doorstep. Even the brand’s packaging is extraordinary: your fashion arrives in beautifully scented and personalized tissue in a gift box, with a small linen bag of extra buttons. The care, devotion, and thoughtfulness poured into virtually every aspect of this brand renders it spectacular. Visit Maison Les Énervés HERE. Also available at Wolf & Badger.