Gaucho – Buenos Aires for A Keepsake Holiday Gift

Everything on the Gaucho Buenos Aires site is crafted with utmost care and of the highest quality for presenting a gift this year that will last and be special. Equestrian lovers will especially cherish the Gaucho Buenose Airies Silk Foulards in a variety of colors, as well as the brand’s Silk Pocket Herradura Squares and Scarves. Featuring the iconic Gaucho – Buenos Aires logo on an exquisite pocket square or neck tie scarf, the Herradura design comes in an array of hues for suave suit styling. Made in Italy, the designs are hand-finished and crafted from pure silk twill.

You can also find Lounge Lux, Ponchos, Knitwear, trousers, skirts, dresses, hats, tops, shirts, bags, belts, wallets, foulards and scarves at Gaucho Buenos Aires for both men and women. The city of Buenos Aires has been described as the Paris of South America, and was a global fashion capital during the early 20th century, rife with Belle Epoque boutiques and a Harrods store. When mainstream luxury brands deserted Argentina a few years ago, our the city never lost its cachet; the void was quickly filled by an innovative design scene. Gaucho – Buenos Aires is the pinnacle of that evolution and philosophy: a homegrown luxury brand with global reach and unique designs. The gaucho is the soul of the country, and a symbol of honor, an equestrian culture, resiliency, and integrity. Check out this new modern glamour that draws upon both artisan and an urban Argentinian heritage.