Glamorise’s Bra-Fit Tips & Two to Try  

Do you agree that bras are one of the hardest items to purchase? According to Glamorise CEO Jon Pundyk, “Legend has it that 70 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. And this might be true. But manufacturers don’t make it easy as there is really no universal size. What might be a 40D for one manufacturer might be another size entirely for someone else. The pitfall of this is holding onto the idea that you are a single size.”

Before you shop for your next bra, save yourself a lot of time and energy by heeding Pundyk’s savvy advice:
“Your known size is a starting point — even if your body hasn’t changed at all. And as you go through the process of finding the right size in whatever bra you might be trying, do not attach any significance to a change in size from bra style to bra style. As the saying goes, it’s not you, it’s them.”

Here are some additional tips for getting the best fit: “It’s best to measure before ordering and even ordering multiple sizes to determine the best fit.”

Glamorise has a bra size calculator you can access here. Thankfully, if the bra you purchase doesn’t fit, Glamorise and some sellers offer free returns so you won’t get stuck if you order the wrong size.

Once you’ve determined your perfect bra size, here are two Glamorise selections to consider:

WonderWire Front-Close Posture Back Bra
Glamorise’s new WonderWire Front Closure Posture Back Bra has your back when it comes to keeping you from slouching and slumping over. However, it is an underwire bra, so if you’re not a fan of underwire bras, it might not be the perfect choice for you. I love its posture support, the comfy fabric on its silky-smooth cups, and the front closure that makes it easy-on, easy-off, which is always a positive. If you’re seeking out pastels or bold colors, you won’t find them here. The WonderWire Front-Close Posture Back Bra is available in goes-with-everything basic black or beige.

Zip Up Front-Closure Sports Bra
Glamorise’s zip-up front-closure sports bra is almost perfect, except that I wish that the straps were adjustable, just as the bra’s back band is. I own it in basic black but love that it is also available in a great-looking blue tie-dye pattern. The zipper front closure feels secure and the fabric provides enough stretch to ensure all-day comfort. If you have any doubts about what size you should order, you can speak with a fit expert by calling 1-877-728-9272.

If you decide to visit the Glamorise site, be sure to enter your email into the sign-up pop-up box for Glamorise’s newsletter to score 25% off your first order.

Rachelle Nones

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