goldno.8’s The Stand on Shelter Island: Design Your Dream Bag

In addition to goldno.8‘s online option for creating the bag of of your dreams, if you’re on or headed to Shelter Island, you can create one in person on the spot, too. Inspired by the country farm stands of the North Fork and the chic boutiques in The Hamptons, goldno.8.’s The Stand at 152 Route 114 on Shelter Island enables you to design your very own iconic Reversible Crossbody in person and online simultaneously and receive your customized bag immediately. The Stand is basically open whenever the sun is shining.

The Reversible Crossbody bag may be the most versatile bag there is! Each Reversible Crossbody comes in 2 colorways, which means it can take you from brunch to dinner without stopping home to do the obligatory bag swap. Swap out the gold icon snaps (included) with pins & snaps to add personality.

Durable and lightweight, it’s a welcome change from bulky shoulder bags and still fits everything you need. The water-resistant nylon design means you don’t have to be nervous about bringing your bag into the real world. Fashion is always changing, and so is your goldno.8 bag: in addition to being reversible, this bag can be altered to suit your mood, outfit, event, and taste – design a bag, then periodically update it with new straps and accessories instead of investing in a new bag every time you want new look.

I love the gold quilt bag that flips into a black quilt bag for a totally different vibe, and there’s a hot neon pink option too. You can also switch out various colored straps and snap-on accessories with the Reversible Crossbody bag, and the accessories are a fresh touch. You’ll have various options: lips, peace sign, thunderbolt, and other designs.

To reverse your bag, simply remove snaps, unclip straps, flip inside out, then re-attach snaps and straps. Voila! A new bag. The goldno.8 bags are crafted with high-quality materials that stand the test of time and wear-and-tear. The Reversible Crossbody is especially great for traveling because it’s large enough for a passport, phone, cards, keys, and lipstick.

On the goldno.8 website, find a Reversible Sling (fanny pack) that attaches around your hips if you prefer no straps. There’s also a Bag-in-a-Bag (featured above) and a classic tote. Choose your favorites styles, colors, straps, and accessories at: .
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