Holiday 2020 Accessories: Exquisite Aranyani Handbags

An Aranyani purse is something truly extraordinary due to its fine craftsmanship, high quality leather, attention to detail, and classic design. Whether you consider Aranyani as a holiday gift or invest in one for yourself, they’re an excellent choice because of their enduring quality.

Aranyani has purses in all sizes and shapes, with an array of colors as well. The brand prides itself on its atelier approach: the concept of serving community for a greater good. As a result, an Aranyani purse stands for craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand offers totes, baguettes, cross-body bags, clutches, evening clutches, top handles, mini baguettes, shopper bags, mini cross-body bags, velvet clutches, bucket bags, and more in a variety of colors and styles.

The Aranyani Brand Story
Aranyani has the distinction of having one of the most descriptive hymns in the Rigveda dedicated to her, so the brand’s name was inspired by this fact.

Aranyani’s state-of-the-art atelier is based in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru. Founder and Creative Director Haresh Mirpuri’s team worked with top leather craftspeople in Europe’s premier fashion and luxury brands for three years before they began working in the Aranyani Atelier. Each handbag is exquisitely crafted and artistically inspired.

Aranyani’s signature Stone Drops rims have a deep meaning. The number of stones used in the Stone Drops’ rims are aligned with the Hemachandra Numbers. Acharya Hemachandra, an 11th century Indian scholar discovered the golden ratio in the year 1202, 50 years before Fibonacci. The Hemachandra numbers can be seen in many of nature’s most exquisite designs – in the simple petals of a daisy, the elegant compositions of Sanskrit poetry, and in the dynamic rhythms of the tango. Stone Drops rims pay homage to the eternal rhythms of nature.

Another signature motif is the Kesuda flower (Butea Monosperma), which is said to be between 600 million and 1.2 billion years old. The Kesuda doesn’t blossom – it explodes into bursts of flame-colored petals, that evoke the image of a massive fire when they are scattered on the ground. This is why it is often referred to as the “Flame of the Forest.” Indians consider the Kesuda to be sacred and affectionately refer to it as “treasurer of the gods”. These pastel blossoms elicit feelings of tranquility and calm, while the vibrantly hued petals transmit confidence and power. Aranyani’s team of embroiders and painters create each one-of-a-kind Kesuda design, in the spirit of this flower’s exquisite, natural beauty.

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Rooted in the spirit of conscious luxury, Aranyani’s brand philosophy is based on service, Awareness, and Inclusivity. These beliefs find their roots in the ancient Indian texts, The Vedas.

Aranyani fosters a development of economy and the environment at the same time by building a resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and fostering innovation. The brand utilizes the best machines in 2020 to produce every bag, and practices digitization across departments. Additionally, their designers train under famous painters every 6 months to inspire new forms. Clean energy and climate action are part of the brand’s agenda in 2020 as well, so support this lovely Aranyani brand, which has so much integrity.

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