Holiday Gift Card? Treat Yourself to the Exquisiteness of Noiranca Purses

You will definitely want to explore Noiranca in 2022 because their purses combine luxury with style and product integrity, and the result is magnificent:

Noiranca Purses
Noiranca’s designers prefer to be different, and bold, and to create purses with a unique elegance. These purses are a beautiful contradiction as they combine refinement and modernity, complexity and simplicity, color and understatement, and structure with new shapes. There is nothing normal about them – each is a work of art and handmade by skillful artisans. They’re crafted with eco-friendly materials, and the brand’s business model empowers women. They arrive in a gorgeous box with every small detail, right down to the sticker on the tissue, well-conceived. These purses are for the confident woman who dreams, who easily slips out of bounds, and who is both playful and composed.

We love the multi-hued, distinctively shaped Patti Maya Blue bag with its chunky looped strap. Noiranca is a full-on sustainability accessories brand for those who wish to buy less styles and enjoy the purse they have longer. Their purses are handcrafted by 30 dedicated artisans in a family atelier with 50 years of design experience. The brand works only with suppliers that adhere to strict environmental standards: EU REACH and US CA65 regulations plus ISO9001 certification and commitment to protecting the environment and water sources from toxic chemicals, while also informing the public about risks. Traceability, transparency, circularity, positive consumption are central to Noiranca. Choose your favorite from a selection of stunning purses that take you from casual to formal to professional. #DesireDifferent

Price: $145 – $190