How to Spot a Fake Miu Miu Bag

As is the case with most designer items, fake Miu Miu bags abound on the Internet and in some of the less respectable boutiques you may find in various cities around the world. Founded in 1990, Miu Miu is Prada, and affectionately named after a member of the Prada family: Miuccia. Girly and playful, the brand’s aesthetic is youthful, modern, and exciting. If these beautiful bags had but one flaw, it would be their price, which reflects the quality of the collection.

Always Look at the Price to Spot a Fake Miu Miu Bag

Which brings us to our first point: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, as you are unlikely to find a Miu Miu bag for less than several hundred pounds. These sublime accessories routinely go for well over £1,000. If you unearth one at a suspiciously low price, the only course of action is to assume that you will receive a fake Miu Miu bag in exchange.


Check the Logo

The genuine Miu Miu logo is unmistakable. It consists of an “M” divided in two. The left half is rounded and full, whereas the right one only reveals part of the letter. A thin slit separates both sides. As for the “U”, it forms two arcs which, instead of meeting in the centre, are kept apart by a narrow gap. This letter sits a little lower than the other ones.

On a fake Miu Miu bag, you may find adhesive residue, the logo itself might sit at an angle or even crooked, and some features could indicate poor workmanship.


Make Sure the Bag Has All Its Original Features.

Another way to tell a fake Miu Miu bag apart from a real one is the small details that the brand puts so much care into. The zippers are a great example, as they always feature the label’s logo on one side, and the words “lampo” or “riri” on the other. Just know that some imposters are well aware of that fact and try their best to replicate the tell-tale zippers. Any discrepancy should raise caution.


Locate the Factory Code and “Made In” Sewn-In Label

Most Miu Miu bags are made in Italy, and the sewn-in label should reflect that, with the exception of some newer models manufactured in Turkey. If any other country is mentioned, you can be certain that the handbag is a fake.

In addition, a true Miu Miu handbag always has a three-digit factory code. Both of these labels may be sewn together or separately, somewhere in the lining of the bag.


Every Detail Should Be Right

You may not know this if you’ve never bought a Miu Miu bag before, but each one comes with a product card, as well as an original dust bag. Even if you are purchasing the item second-hand, these should always be provided. Any handbag manufactured after 2009 has a very distinctive dust pink one, which means that a different colour should indicate that you are looking at a fake Miu Miu bag. Note that the “care card” and the “product card” are not the same as the certificates of authenticity you may find with other designer bags, but they also contribute to what makes the product genuine.


Checking Your Miu Miu Bag’s Product Card

The product card should contain the article number, the name of the model, the type of leather, the year of production, and any specific colour. As for the care card, it should provide information to help you keep your Miu Miu handbag in pristine condition for as long as possible. Some vintage bags may be sold without these elements and not be fake. However, if you already have doubts, the absence of cards should confirm your suspicions.

Pay close attention to the inner lining and stitching as well. Sometimes, much care is put into imitating the genuine article on the outside, but less so on the inside. Any loose seams should help you identify poor workmanship, which is nothing you will ever see on a true designer bag. Miu Miu is a luxury brand, and the price reflects the quality of the products.


Choose a Reliable Retailer

Finally, know that if you want to purchase a genuine Miu Miu bag, you are always better off choosing a reliable retailer. Ebay and other second-hand and auction platforms are full of fake Miu Miu bags and trustworthy sellers may be difficult to find. Be sure to get yours from a certified online shop if you are ordering, and to visit reputable stores.



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