An “I’m Speaking” Necklace That Says It All

While many of us are looking to do our part by voting early, by mail, or in person this November, jewelry by English Norman is the perfect self-gifting item for reasons of expression and empowerment.

Available in silver ($95) or without ($85), and with the option of an onyx fly, the timely, “I’m Speaking” necklace is 100% delight, with each letter individually stamped for striking results. Length options are 16” or 18” (or custom if needed). “I’m Speaking” is also available in 14k goldfill for $115 and other styles, too. All pieces are handcrafted by the artist in her Atlanta studio.

This piece addresses studies that found that in conversations encompassing everything from co-ed playgroups with four-year-olds to those within the chambers of the U.S. Supreme Court, women are three times more likely to be interrupted by boys or men when speaking.
It’s a great asset to wear now and while heading to the polls, and also serves as a reminder of our collective strength. Plus, it also ?helps an important cause: 20% of ?all ?product sales benefit the Georgia Postcard Project, a grassroots effort led by Tricia Tholen Gephardt reminding Georgians to vote. To date, the group has mailed more than 450,000 postcards from volunteers from 15 states. Visit them on IG @georgiapostcardproject.

Grab yours HERE from the English Norman website while you can.

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