Julia Haart’s +Body Collection Solves All of Shapewear’s Problems

Anyone who has ever worn shapewear can attest that there is much to be desired. From the unyielding fabric to the lack of color options, shapewear has become a garment to hide rather than celebrate. Julia Haart, fashion designer, author, and the founder of +Body created a shapewear line that solves the problems with current shapewear designs. 

Last week I attended a virtual launch for Julia Haart’s revamped shapewear line, +Body. It was an intimate gathering to learn more about the new technology behind Powerbond™ 2.0 and ask questions about everything pertaining to shapewear. Julia’s effusive warmth and enthusiasm for her new product line was clear as she joined us from London.

“It’s about you enhanced,” Julia explains of her innovative, body-positive shapewear line. Julia was inspired by that cringeworthy scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary where the protagonist finds herself mortified by the unsightly revelation of her shapewear.   

Like many of us who have worn shapewear in the past and found it to be lacking, Julia identified the problems with current designs. Shapewear traditionally comes in three colors: black, white, and beige. Julia sought a creative solution by using a heat-fuse technology to imbue color into her shapewear. Powerbond™ 2.0 comes in an array of colorful choices, with patterns that won’t show white lines when stretched. 

Julia also found a solution to traditional shapewear’s bulky fabrics. Powerbond™ 2.0 is thin, so it can comfortably fit under clothes. This innovative technology has a no-show, frictionless surface that won’t bulk under garments. Since shapewear is a compression garment, it often leaves discomfort in the chest area. Julia customized the design to support the wearer’s cup size for a lifted fit. 

+Body’s seamless technology molds to your body, fixing the discomfort of traditional shapewear. Julia described the heat technology that molds to each wearer’s figure. She explained how the shapewear gets to know your body. The more times you wear it, the more comfortable it gets. +Body’s shapewear syncs to your body.  

One journalist asked about plans to make inclusive campaigns for women in Latina communities. Julia mentioned campaigns will be released in many languages, to welcome women from across the globe to the +Body community. As an inclusive brand, Julia explained that her three-year research process included studying women from all over the world. Julia doesn’t ascribe to the belief that there’s one ideal body shape, and wants her line to reflect inclusivity and body positivity.  

All attendees of the event received complimentary gifts from the new Powerbond™ 2.0 collection. I tried my PowerSuit on, using the “wiggle, wiggle, jump, jump” method Julia recommended. My PowerSuit came with snaps at the bottom, which allowed me to adjust my shapewear for optimal comfort. The thermal technology worked subtly in the background. It created a gentle compression that contoured my natural shape. The soft, luxurious texture enchanted me. This material was as light and form-fitted as a ballerina’s leotard. There’s also gorgeous detailing on the fabric that’s reminiscent of lace, but without the thick texture. The intricacy of the design makes the shapewear look like a high-quality costume from the stage of Moulin Rouge. 

Aside from the PowerSuit, the +Body line offers the Smooth Operator Dress, the Mid-Thigh PowerSuit, the In-Control Short, and the In-Control Thong. The variety of cuts and styles offers a multitude of options for customers to try.      

If you’re frustrated with traditional shapewear and looking for gorgeous detailing with a streamlined fit, Julia Haart’s +Body collection has the perfect solution for you.     

Shop Julia Haart’s +Body collection at the brand’s website